Avasant Global – BS Best Places to Work in 2019

Avasant is a leading management consulting firm that focuses on translating the power of technology into realizable business strategies. Avasant’s seasoned professionals have an average of 20 years of industry-honed expertise delivering high-value engagements through industry-focused innovation and flexible client-based solutions. Avasant specializes in digital and IT transformation, sourcing advisory, global strategy and government services.

Area of Expertise

Avasant provides consulting expertise across 11 verticals and has worked with Fortune 500 companies across each of these industries:

•          Aerospace & Defense

•          Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

•          Energy & Resources

•          Healthcare & Life Sciences

•          High Tech & Telecommunications

•          Media & Entertainment

•          Private Equity

•          Public Sector

•          Retail & Manufacturing

•          Social Impact Institutions

•          Travel & Transportation

Work Culture

Avasant’s work culture is one of the factors that have led the company to become a renowned brand, through the adop-tion of “STRIVE”:

Service: to humanity

Teamwork: working together for better results

Responsibility: taking account-ability for our actions

Integrity: doing the right thing

Vision: working with purpose

Excellence: in ourcommitment

Avasant has cultivated a collaborative environment comprised of high-character, purpose-driven team members who are committed to excellence. Avasant’s unique DNA of results-driven advisory services and superior execu-tion supported by advancing technologies and business models has led to their culture of innovation and entre-preneurship.

The people of the company are their ‘lifeblood’. They start with the intangible, an idea, and then they transform the idea into a tangible strategy. Avasant is defined by openness and a desire to challenge themselves. Addition-ally, Avasant’s focus on continuous employee development, training and knowledge management enables their consultants to consistently provide superior advisory services leveraging proven methodologies, technologies and ideas to drive client outcomes.

Avasant’s prime goal is to give every employee an opportunity to shine. For every project, teams are curated care-fully for not only their educational and experiential backgrounds, but also for strategic learning and growth opportunities, which result in pairing the best and brightest established consultants with the younger emerging minds. This process facilitates mentorship and knowledge transfer opportunities, continuing to furnish the bank of resources within the firm.

Respect for each employee is the cornerstone of Avasant’s Business Code of Conduct, and Avasant dedicates a full session at the annual company retreat to review and discuss the Business Code of Conduct every year. The firm, through its policies, upholds the human and employee rights and strongly believes in acknowledg-ing and respecting the dignity, rights and ambitions of its employees. Avasant maintains the right to freedom of expression and opinion, encouraging its employees to voice concerns, feedback and constructive thoughts towards betterment of the firm and topics concerning employee welfare.

Avasant believes in working with the entrepreneurial spirit in mind. Rather than conducting one-off engage-ments, Avasant believes in building a long-term partnership with their clients, providers and networks.

Through both their corporate and non-profit arm, Avasant Foundation, the Avasant team is constantly work-ing to create opportunities for improving lives and communities by empowering youth in emerging econo-mies through education, employment and entrepreneurship.


Kevin S. Parikh, CEO, Avasant, started his career in the mid-1990s as a lawyer working in Washington, D.C. with the United States Environmental Protection Agency. While working as a lawyer, he also received a Presidential Invitation to support the One America Commission by Bill Clinton.

At the birth of Y2K, he moved to Gartner Consulting to lead the company’s Global Strategic Sourcing Prac-tice. In 2006, Parikh founded Avasant, which since then has become one of the leading Business Transforma-tion, Technology Strategy and Sourcing Advisory firms in the industry. In 2011, following a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, Kevin founded the Avasant Foundation, focusing on youth training and employ-ment for the digital economy. Social entrepreneurship has been a key tenant and continuing theme through-out the history of Avasant.

Avasant has been actively involved in Impact Sourcing since 2008, and one of their first Global programs was with Ghana through World Bank to make the country a preferred destination for domestic and foreign investments in the ITES-BPO industry with the intent of creating Digital Jobs for a large number of unem-ployed youth in the country.

Today, Avasant is a participant of the United Nations Global Compact and works to realize the ten universal goals in the field of Human rights, Labour, Environment and Anticorruption policies.

Emerging as Leaders

Avasant has finely engraved its name as the leaders in the industry and has successfully developed digital business strategies which are making noise in the world.

Aiding the Second-largest international airport in North America

Avasant developed a digital business strategy for the second-largest international airport in North America to optimize its non-aeronautical core operations and processes. The experts identified long-term strategic partnerships, sourcing strategies, and gain sharing models to create a digital ecosystem and resulted in 10-15% increase in non-aeronautical revenues, 20-25% process cost reduction in core operational processes, and over 35% reduction in utility IT costs.

Lend Service To Worlds Least Developed Countries in Africa

Avasant supported the government of one of the world’s least-developed countries in Africa in developing a digital government strategy to facilitate and promote e-Governance through a structured approach and strengthen the ability to deliver digital public services.

Integration of Smart System

Partnerships with technology providers enable cost-cutting measures necessary for survival. Avasant helped a large power generation, transmission and distribution company modernize its IT systems, enabling the integration of Smart Systems such as Smart Grid, Distribution Management Systems, Demand Response Systems, Smart Metering and Smart Home Technology. It further resulted in bringing the best in class capabilities to create a reliable infrastructure aligned with compliance requirements. Avasant also helped the government of Arctic Tundra to create opportunities and to offer citizen-centered programs and services in highly decentralized geography and helped one of the largest quasi-governmental bodies in minimizing value leakage and a better manage risk.

Social Responsibility

Avasant is socially responsible and is committed to the UN Global Compact Principles 1, 3, 4, 5, and 10 as they relate to human rights, labor practices and fighting corruption. Our commitment to labor principles spans across our supplier base and employees, which includes ensuring no use of child labor, forced and bonded labor in the value chain. Our organization is transparent in its management and commercial relations. It is also committed to a consistent and fair tender process.

In Coming Years

In the coming years, Avasant expects to be a firm supporter, embracer, and early adopter of many of the developments to come. Disruption is at the core of change.

CEO, Kevin S. Parikh says, “We expect our continued excellence to scale as we hire from the top of the market at the senior level while our mentorship initiatives shape associates at the junior level to grow into top consultants on the Avasant home field. Our service offerings will continue to diversify also as we grow according to market demand, such as with newly added AvaMark services, Enterprise Blockchain Strategy advisory services, RadarView Reports, as well as the addition of Social Impact Institutions as a new service area for us. Through our mentorship program and collab-orative technology initiatives, we likewise intend to continue growing as a digital workplace.“

For More Details: https://avasant.com/