Decons – BS Best Places to Work in 2019

With the construction and infrastructure industry booming in recent times, the demand for architectural experts and interior designers is increasing. Interior and construction designs as per with international standards are now demanded by clients from different backgrounds. For a design and architecture firm to succeed, attention must be paid to the client’s preferences, along with focusing on the purpose and use of the space. Keeping these factors and more in mind, Decons Company have entered the industry and have been making waves since their inception in 2008. Care is given to appropriate space allocation, design according to the client’s needs, and other imaginative possibilities. Run by a team comprising of various disciplines, Decons has been able to identify several different markets and offer services catered to each type of project, be it residential, or commercial.


Decons has worked on several projects and ensures client satisfaction at all times. These collaborations include working in architectural design for residential complexes, townships, and showrooms, project management for the hospitality sector, salons, as well as retail, and commercial needs. The organization has also worked with developing and designing corporate interiors of the highest international standard, and have helped change work environment for the better.


Importance is given to sustainable development at all levels of operations at Decons. Thus, the services provided focus on providing sustainable solutions in the industry.

Consultancy services are also offered to clients, such that clients themselves can take informed decisions and have knowledge about the field. Decons offers services in the field of architecture and interior design, for residential housing, hospitality and commercial offices. In addition, interior design services are also offered for retail.


Employees are a key resource for the organization, and are valued and respected for their contributions. A democratic and participative atmosphere is a characteristic feature of the organization’s working style, and employees are encouraged to express their views and ideas in a free and non-judgmental environment. This freedom helps in the growth of employees, at both the professional level. Innovation, client centricity and integrity are the key mantras team members work with to achieve best results. Quality circles are also set up that meet regularly and discuss problems, find solutions, and motivate employees.

Diversity and inclusiveness is also encouraged within the teams, and strict policies against harassment and discrimination ensure equal opportunities for all in the work place.Teamwork and co-operation are important in all organizational activities.


Architect Abhinav Jain & Architect Atul Soni, who are also the co-founders of Effectual Services, has been trying to change the game of design and architectural services in India. He has experience of more than 12 years in the industry, and has a keen eye for the trends and demands in this sector. He aspires to spread awareness of Decons in India and abroad and enhance the Decons portfolio in the Indian market. His attitude of never-say- never is shared with all team members which enhances work culture.

His vision of focusing on innovation and attracting and nurturing the best global talent has taken the organization ahead of its competition and is cementing itself as a trusted name in building, architecture and design in the country.

Decons believes that value lies in research, and in recommendations given by clients. Research that is fact driven, result oriented and at an optimal cost is what distinguishes the company from its peers.

Future Ahead:

In the near future, Decons plans to expand its business to different locations across India, especially in areas with high technical innovation. Collaborating with like-minded businesses, and investing in the right places is also part of the future plans for the company.

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