DigitalIndian Business Solutions Pvt Ltd – BS Most Inspiring CEOs of the Year 2019

For an economy that is expected to witness immense growth in
the coming years, skills in technology, infrastructure and engineering are
crucial. The right kind of skills equipped by employees can create immense
difference to both an organization and the economy as a whole. With efforts to
improve employment opportunities and increase digitalization, India offers a
good platform for skilled human resources.

DigitalIndian Business Solutions, a group of companies, has
successfully analyzed the needs of the economy and offers the highest level of
skill and consultancy services for government and corporate projects. High
quality training and development under the initiative of Digital India and
Skill India are also offered by the organization, making it highly relevant and
useful. The major areas focused by the organization are GIS, engineering, and
IT domains.


Established in Kolkata, DigitalIndian has consolidated
itself in the industry and has a network of more than 200 skill academies that
not only offer employment, but also equip professionals with significant
skills. The organization functions in South East Asian countries and has
collaborated with various government departments, with key clients being the
governments of India, Bangladesh and Malaysia. There are a total of 100+
clients across 4 countries. Clients also come from a cross section of
industries, including land development authorities, municipalities, river
conservation, pollution control, mining boards and corporates in the field of infrastructure.
They have developed numerous spatial applications which are seamlessly
integrated to workflow. Steady cooperation from the government has allowed the
organization to flourish and has catapulted growth.


For their passion, dedication and excellence, they have been
recognized and have been accredited by the EC-Council as a Training Centre that
lives up to the highest standards.


DigitalIndian ensures that their inputs lead to value
addition, along with highly skilled manpower and latest machineries. Field
work, surveys and timely deliveries form a part of the services they offer,
that distinguishes them from competitors.

With regards to GIS, the organization offers cutting edge
knowledge of data mapping, feature extraction/compilation, management of
information and integrating enterprises.

The stronghold business territory revolves around high
precision field survey through satellite imagery and drones. Other services
include end to end consultancy to help identify gaps and opportunities,
providing comprehensive reports and project plans with milestones and
timelines, cost analyses, schedules and high quality products.

DigitalIndian ensures that the services they offer are
focused on the project at hand and are executed with perfection. Adequate
guidance is also provided to clients to ensure success on all footings.


The organization values its human resource and skill, and
has developed a healthy atmosphere for its employees to work in. At present,
the organization has major operation centers in the North East, Jammu and
Kashmir, Mumbai, Nagpur, Varanasi, Vizag and Chennai. It consists of a highly
motivated team of 7,000 employees.

Consisting of a group of companies under a single holding,
better employment opportunities are created by DigiatlIndia. The focus lies on
identifying potential talent, training individuals and offering suitable
employment opportunities within the group of companies. This has gradually made
Skill India a reality. It also indicates that the company sees itself as a
social enterprise that is aimed at developing the economy from the grassroots.

As an organization that believes in investing adequately to
create the right kind of assets, it has improved the quantity and quality of a
skilled workforce in India. The objective of the organization is to add value,
and thus training, with a blend of competency, willpower and perfection is
provided to enable the youth to add value wherever they go. It thus subscribes
to its motto of “Transforming New India”.


Mr. Santanu Das, Founder and CEO of the organization is a
highly qualified technocrat who started the organization with only Rs. 25,000/-
in 2016. Under his leadership, the organization has grown to now have an annual
turnover of Rs. 75 crore, which is an astounding feat. Due to his foresight and
vision, DigitalIndian is now in the process of being listed in major stock
markets. Das’s emphasis lays on being the best in the market, and therefore
offers the best technology and ideas for clients.


The organization offers high quality training and aims to
make Skill India a reality, while also helping India achieve its goals for

Future Ahead:

The company is in the process of listing itself in major stock markets, and plans on entering and creating better networks in South East Asia.

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