Isprava – BS Most Inspiring CEOs of the Year 2019

Are you exasperated with the traffic congestion and noise? With the increasing population and pollution in the city, everyday is a struggle to reach home and spend quality time with your loved ones. Majority look for a place which is quiet, calm and away from the hustle and bustle of the city where they can relax and enjoy.

Nibhrant Shah, Founder and CEO of Isprava has made this possible and has manifested his name as one of the India’s top luxury home developers. Isprava plans, designs and constructs luxury homes for discerning individuals in Goa and The Nilgiris.

Nibhrant earlier worked as an Investment Banker in London and NewYork. Coming back to India, he discovered that India has outgrown in terms of population and pollution with incredible opportunities and economic growth. In search of serenity and time to spend with family away from the hassle, he landed in Goa. Through his research in real estate, he discovered that all the homes looked same and lacked exclusivity and authenticity. This stood to be the inspiration for Nibhrant and resulted in laying the seeds of the company, to create sophisticated luxury holiday homes.

Isprava aims in providing the best service right from the inquiry call, to the moment they leave for their place. Isprava understands the importance of buying a home which may be a retirement plan, a life-long wish or a holiday escape. Therefore, it focuses on providing an exclusive and unique home, different from the cookie-cutter homes that clutter the market. Isprava, with its supervision locates the best spots and designs the finest and luxurious homes for the people to enjoy their weekend. The company takes care of every basic need like a plumber or a gardener or any other service required.

Mr. Shah says, Challenges are a part and parcel of every business. In a young business, every day has a new challenge.”Isprava from time-to-time keeps checking for a beautiful piece of land which the team designs and redefines into comfortable yet elegant homes. He also says, “The integration of time is what I value the most about my culture and vision. I believe being punctual is a trait every person must work towards. One must respect another’s time too.”Isprava follows this strictly and their attitude of delivering the home and services before time has been appreciated throughout.

Nibhrant takes pride in his team and considers them as his biggest strength. The young, vibrant, conscientious, thoughtful and clever team is the one who transforms every budding idea into a success story. Their self-driven and enthusiastic approach not only gets the work done, but also spreads a positive change. At Isprava one would find a horizontal working hierarchy which helps the team to be productive, self-sufficient and autonomous. It aims for a free-flowing culture and to motivate the team for active participation. To Isprava, every single opinion matters.

When asked for the values which helped him overcome the challenges, Founder and CEO Nibhrant said, “There are 7 values that I strongly believe in and have been the very foundation of my company. At Isprava, it is the prompt effort of every employee to inculcate at least one of these values in every decision they make. These values are; Work harder than anyone else on Earth, ever. Be an entrepreneur. Get stuff done. Your team is your family. Be giving, caring and respectful. Have an opinion, voice it and be open to other opinions and their repercussions. Be hungry to learn. Be a sponge. Be good, be fair, be honest and Our Customer is king.

These are values are what I stand by and will continue to follow without any exception.

I believe the key differentiator between a good and a great company is its culture. It acts as the backbone to an organization enabling the company to grow and become stronger.”

Mondays to the CEO is just like the first day to school for experimentations and working on fresh opportunities. Ajay Piramal and Eric Schmidt have always inspired him for their methodology, integrity and compassion.

Nibhrant Shah wishes to cater to the millennial generation in the next two years, who desire to gain more of experience than ownership. Isprava is basking in the glory, and foresee to expand across the market with the signature brand of service, design and hospitality to every single homeowner and rental guest. It has already started taking steps to new demography like Alibaug and Lonavala and will soon flourish in the International market.

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