Nine Colours – BS Most Inspiring CEOs of the Year 2019

At the tender age of 20 while pursuing B. Com, Jigar Agrawal, laid the foundation of his dream- It has been 6 years now and has flourished, keeping the Indian Ethnic Wear alive all over the world. Starting up as an E-Commerce platform, in its 6 years has established itself as a platform selling products in more than 220 countries all across the world and is a complete retail brand with two retail shops in Mumbai. is the leading brand which caters to people all over with Indian Ethnic wear and 50,000 products for women, men, and kids. The brand offers a wide range of products namely:

Stylish Womens’ understands how important is shopping in the life of a woman. It offers a vivid collection of Sarees, Suits, Lehengas, Kurtis, Indo-fusion and Gowns. It also caters to the women looking for tradition with a little blend of fusion.

The dresses are traditional, dipped infusion. Women can go classy and sassy together.

Classy Mens’ Wear– At, you would find various options for men. They can easily opt for

Elegant Ethnic Wear with proper fitting. Kurtas, Jackets, Sherwanis and Kurta Pajamas is what they offer.

Cute Kid’s Wear– Why should the kids be left behind. For Children, they offer an amazing collection of ethnic wear which is not so easy to find. Be it any festival or occasion, has left no kid or parents in despair.

Add-on In Beauty– Ethnic Wear is incomplete without jewelleries. have kept a special note of this demand and offers classy jewelleries that perfectly complement the dress.

YOUDESIGN – This is an incredible initiative by the brand where the client can customize their designs themselves and can get the service of nineco- It is an online boutique for the complete customization requirement. The Customized Stitching solution has been appreciated and their clients find it best to place the order and get it delivered without going through any hassle which is generally faced while getting service from local tailors.

CEO Jigar Agrawal says, that strength is not only in one dimension. “I believe strength of a company doesn’t come from being strong in one dimension of anything but when each of the segments are strong in their own self, which we feel we are able to achieve. Our core team is the same from day 1 of the business which helps in the smooth functioning of the business and a faster growth.”

Like all other successful business, their journey to success has also been rough. Mr. Agrawal believes that unless anyone make mistakes, they will never be able to learn or grow. There were numerous moments to share that can easily depict the risks and mistakes taken. CEO is glad that he took the risk and says, “Making mistakes at the smaller scale costs less than making the same mistake when you have already scaled.”

The founder, since his very childhood knew his best skills. He recognized his expertise in retail and tech and when E-commerce boomed in the year 2010-2011 he knew his next step.

He soon figured that the mixture of both would result to the best world of fusion where he has always desired to go and thus he took the huge leap and started all. Admiring Steve Jobs’ stubborn attitude of achieving the dream he says, “It gives me the kind of confidence to believe in my instincts and keep going.” Patience and Experimentation are what he never gives up.

It has been a rough journey filled with rocks as said earlier. The time he started, Ethnic industry was obscure and wasn’t recognized much as it is familiar today. It was difficult to convince the vendors to sell on the E-commerce platform and to discover an appropriate system which would be easier for them to follow. Apart from this, his tender age of 20 also made the journey a bit arduous.

Mr. Agrawal takes pride in his effort of keeping the Indian Ethnic Culture alive across oceans and seas. With time, the demand is growing for the Ethnic Wear and he assures to deliver the product in any corner of the world. He believes to work 24 x 7 and says, “The business clock is always ticking, everything about E-commerce is active round the clock.”

Mr. Agrawal started as an E-commerce platform and is now looking forward to launch the global franchise model and a few company run retail outlet in some of the most prominent places around the world.

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