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Team Building & Experiential Learning – The Final Frontier in Training??

Training has evolved remarkably in the corporate world over the last few decades. But as competition gets tougher, combined with the economic slowdown, companies in India are leaving no stone unturned to get leaner and fitter.

Outbound Training Programs are becoming more and more popular as the way to move forward in building Cohesive High Performing Teams. Booklet Media caught up with Jude Cardozo, the man behind Satyakam. Jude Cardozo is a Former First Class Cricketer who has played representative cricket for Goa from 1989 to 1995, who also has effective experience in the corporate world with successful stints in Parle Bailey, Plus Channel & Taj Group of Hotels.

Q –  Can you tell us about Satyakam and its origins??

A- Satyakam was started in 2004 and we organise Experiential Learning Programs, Outbound Training Programs and Team Building Events for corporates. We are based in Goa but do travel all over India & abroad too to conduct programs.

Q – What inspired you to enter into such a challenging field??

A- While in my last job I noticed that there was dearth of Experiential Learning Trainers so I saw a great opportunity particularly since I have always enjoyed Training since my college days.

Q – What is the training module that Satyakam

A- Satyakam follows a systematic approach to offer customized training sessions that usually begin with a Behavioural Brain mapping process of the entire team. We have tied up with Sanda Excellence and Team Dynamics from the United Kingdom for the same. PRISM Behavioural Brain Mapping is a sophisticated, online, neuroscience-based instrument specifically designed to identify the behavioural preferences that directly relate to personal relationships and work performance. It helps to identify the potential of the team, understand behaviours and where one needs to adapt to perform better. After a Satyakam program, team members usually feel engaged, energized, competent, confident, self-aware of their strengths, passions and what they are best at, agile and adaptable to change which means the teams can work together and increase their performance. The team also becomes more confident when it comes to handling conflict.

Q – What is the duration of a Satyakam Team building Program?

A- We recommend a two day program but sometimes because of cost and time constraints we have to reduce the duration of our programs.

Q – Who are Satyakam clients?

A- To date we have conducted over 400 programs for many MNCs. Some of them are Accenture, Megger, Bank Of America, BNP Paribas,  Citi Bank, Cleartrip, Ericsson, General Electric, HSBC, IBM, Leela Beach Resort etc.

Q –  What are the challenges that you face in Satyakam?

A– The challenges we face are numerous. It’s really very difficult to recruit youngsters in Goa as almost all youngsters from Goa want to go to foreign lands and work so expanding our team is tough. We are the pioneers in Goa as far as team building is concerned. But protecting our intellectual property is almost impossible. So we have many ex- employees and other individuals who try to replicate our concepts, templates and exercises. Corruption is also a major hurdle in our progress as we do not pay kickbacks which most other agencies do to procure work.

Q – 16 years later what do you think are the reasons for Satyakam’s success??

A– As in any organisation, it’s important to have a committed core team and we have exactly that. We all enjoy what we do and more importantly try to walk the talk. We are committed to the profession and have made capital investments for Prime office space, Warehouses for all the equipment we have invested in, Trucks and other vehicles. So we are in the position to offer value for money services to our clients.

Q – What does the future hold for Satyakam???

A – We are in the process of setting up our own ‘Centre for Experiential Learning & High Performance’ in South Goa. We will be offering 3 day programs for Corporates and College students. We will also be organising Open Programs at the Centre on Relationship Management & High Performance where any individual looking for self-improvement can attend.

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