AdEngage – BS The 10 Successful Business Women To Watch In 2019

Namrata Banerji, Director of Operations at AdEngage, has strived to enter the world of Digital Marketing with a boom. Her journey wasn’t easy, but she made her voice heard in some style. Even though her career began as a fashion designer, but now as the Director of the company she is well known as one of the most listen to influencers and leaders in the Digital industry today.

AdEngage is an integrated Digital Communication and Advertising Agency. Namrata, along with her innovative and creative attitude, focuses on solving day to day business challenges at AdEngage.

Under its creative and innovative umbrella, AdEngage offers all services which are required for a brand to shine. To be precise, AdEngage offers Brand building consultancy, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Digital Advertising, Digital Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimization, Media Buying & Selling, and online PR service. The company also uses technologies like AR and Ai for marketing, advertising and research and development. The company has even launched a separate business vertical for Marketing & Advertising of Regional and Hindi Movies and Web-Series using data analytics.

Namrata started her journey 13 years ago as a fashion designer. The main challenge dangling in the way was to sell her designs because brands and fashion weren’t quite a thing at that time. This challenge interested her in creating brand awareness using all sources of traditional marketing. It was the moment where ‘a marketer’ was growing within her. The launch of Facebook and Twitter in India fueled up her interest. At that time, there weren’t any schools or institutes to learn digital marketing, and thus Namrata took a step forward and started digital marketing for her brand. Four years later, in 2010, Namrata was adept in marketing skills, and she along with Mr. Pancham Banerji (CEO) came up with the agency we know today as AdEngage.

Her goal is to make AdEngage productive and big enough to extend support to clients worldwide. As with her experience in both traditional and digital marketing, she owes the skills to deliver marketing for any industry combining both forms of marketing and extensive use of data analysis.

The personalized approach to the client is her most significant strength of the company. This approach has further helped in getting new clients and serving the older ones for more than 4+ years. She takes pride in her team, saying that it has been possible with the help of a dedicated, experienced, and talented group of people who always supported her and the management. With dual commission, half-yearly hike and many exciting benefits, career in AdEngage has been truly rewarding as stated by the Operations Director herself.

Talking about the culture and vision of the company, she says, “I believe both go hand in hand. Without culture, you can’t implement a vision and vice versa.” According to her, it’s challenging to motivate a team member who is talented but does not have a vision and vice-versa. Hence, she focuses on creating a roadmap for every client and team-member and helping them achieve the milestones set by her.

Namrata describes herself as a solution finder and hates excuses. She is always excited about Mondays, as for her; it is a new week to discover new possibilities. She says there is no thumb rule for success and thus is patient and persistent with her work & challenges that come along.

In the coming two years, they foresee providing marketing and communication services with the help of DATA and tools like Ai, VR, AR, and few more. She further adds, “The company is heading towards giving services which can give clients bigger ROI. The company is expanding in Central India, Gujarat and South East Asia. Also, they aim to set up a production team for ads and short films, nation-wide PR campaigns, executing events from concept creation to offline implementation. The company wants to establish itself as a one-stop solution for Advertising, Marketing, and Branding.”

Facing all the challenges coming in midst, Namrata flourished in the new form of marketing- Digital Marketing and aspires to provide its service of marketing, advertising, and branding worldwide. Namrata Banerji is an inspiration to all the women of India and beyond!

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  • Its really great to see hard work reap results. And you are one such example. You are an inspiration to many women.