Centrum Wealth Management Limited – BS The 10 Successful Business Women To Watch In 2019

Saying Yes to Progress!

Business trends are changing rapidly today. These evolving trends pose challenges to entrepreneurs and start-ups, who struggle to get a grip on such changes. In such an environment, steady wealth management can serve as a backbone for businesses and high net-worth individuals.

Centrum Wealth Management Ltd is one such name that has become synonymous with consistency, efficiency, and trustworthiness. A respected organization, it offers comprehensive wealth management services and is a leading lending platform. The company handles Rs. 22,000 Crore (over US$ 3 bn) of Assets under Advice and employs 250 people over 14 locations, including Dubai and Singapore. Consisting of a team of veterans, the parent company, Centrum Capital has secured the 150th rank among the Top 500 companies in India, 2018 by The Economic Times.

Stellar Services

As a boutique wealth management firm, Centrum serves Ultra High Net-Worth individuals and family offices. It offers investment advisory services with a wide array of products on both local and international platforms. It specializes in offering bespoke private wealth solutions. Treasury solutions, investment advisory, assistance in capital raising and financing, family office services are among the many services they offer.

Key focus areas include family business advisory, taxation, legal structuring, and administration issues. Public and private market equities, credit markets, real estate, estate planning, and offshore advisory are part of the wide spectrum of services offered.

A Team of Achievers

The organization values its team as its core strength. The firm has attracted the top talent in the field and boasts of the lowest voluntary attrition rates in the industry. The culture is of complete empowerment, without micromanagement.

Finding ways to say “Yes” and instilling a pro-active culture with clear directions enables the team members to deliver their best. This start-up culture makes the highly accomplished and veteran team extremely driven and ensures there is a customer-centric approach. With an open architecture business model, the firm has grown at a CAGR of 40% + in the last 8 years.

Team strength and integrity is the solution to countering roadblocks at Centrum Wealth Management Ltd.

Driven Leadership

Arpita Vinay, a member of the founding team of Centrum Wealth Management Limited, is an inspiring leader and has been instrumental in the firm’s growth and success. Very driven and self-motivated, she started her career as a Electrical Engineer (GT) in Tata Steel and managed a team of 40 members in Electrical Maintenance. She was amongst the very few women to pursue a full-time 2 year MBA in Finance post-marriage, but nothing deterred her from her ambition.

She worked at HSBC for more than 7 years, and finally served as the Head of Premier Banking, managing one of the largest affluent banking propositions in the country, and has been an asset to every field she has ventured in. She was rated among the top 3% of employees and was ranked # 1 EDC in 2010. She was also identified as part of the Country Talent Pool for HSBC, India.

Arpita has faced every challenge head-on and has extended her success story at Centrum as well. She heads the firm’s Family Office Business and offers comprehensive services including wealth planning, CSR opportunities, etc. She also heads the Structured and Alternate products business line and the offshore businesses in Dubai and Singapore.

A multi-faceted and driven leader, she is the Whole Time Director and on the board of Centrum Wealth Management and its domestic and overseas subsidiaries.

With a constant attitude of moving out of one’s comfort zone, Arpita has worked in a structured MNC environment and also has experience in being a part of a start up. She values integrity, open-mindedness, and meritocracy as pillars of her success.

She is not only an inspiring figure for all but is also a role model for women in the industry. She values empathy, sensitivity, diligence and resourcefulness in women, and believes appropriate mentorship is required to shatter the glass ceiling. Female professionals must also strike a balance between being consistent, and standing out by working in untested areas. To her, building a differentiated franchise and creating value is crucial.

Future ahead

Arpita’s goal is to establish the organization as the most recommended and respected brand in wealth management and be regarded among the top 3 wealth firms in the country. Offshore solutions, dollar investment strategies based on risk-reward profiles taking into consideration a client’s utility function, liquidity preference, etc. are part of the upcoming propositions.

With an optimum mix of talent and determination, the firm is set to achieve immense success.

For More Details: https://www.centrum.co.in/