Goavega – BS The 10 Successful Business Women To Watch In 2019

Envisioning a Stellar Future”

The Greek philosopher, Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.”

For any venture to succeed, excellence has to be the underlying principle. Organizations committed to excellence are the ones that truly make a difference. The success of an organization depends on its principles and also on the tools and products it uses to achieve its goals. Ensuring these tools are of the highest standard and customized to the organization’s needs is a sure-shot path to success.

One such organization that is not only committed to excellence but also offers unmatched tools and products, to prepare clients for the future is Goavega, a product engineering company. The organization offers innovative products that successfully translate clients’ visions into reality while maintaining quality and cost-effectiveness.


Goavega has ventured into many industries. It has managed to collaborate with an esteemed list of clients from all the key industries and has established a strong network. The main industries that Goavega offers its products to are Banking, E-commerce and Retail, Education and E-learning, Media and Publishing, Healthcare, as well as Non-profit Organizations.

Unparalleled Services

Under product and design engineering, Goavega offers a number of services to its clients. The organization works closely with clients, and through excellent communication skills, industry knowledge, and automation of the development process, products are executed with perfection. The company sees itself as being more product and innovation-centric, rather than service-centric. Product engineering services are offered in the following areas:

  • Analytics
  • Architecture Consulting
  • Cloud Enablement
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Internet of Things
  • Online portals and CMS
  • Product Ideation Labs
  • Software Engineering Services
  • UX Design
  • Voice Assistant Solutions and more.

Goavega insists on accountability and offers cost-effective options to clients.

The Best Talent

Goavega’s biggest strength is its workforce. Employees are highly motivated, driven, and innovative. The work culture encourages them to think outside the box, remain passionate and deliver products they are truly proud of. Team members are empowered and equipped with modern technical skills and the latest knowledge about the industry, along with soft skills, making them powerful assets to the company. In return, the organization offers a balanced work-life experience to ensure enthusiasm, where each day is seen as a fresh start. Team members include young professionals, and energy levels are always high. They are characterized with a go-getter attitude, which has gone a long way in building trust with clients.

Positive Leadership

The reason behind Goavega’s success is its CEO, Sumana Iyengar, an accomplished professional with over 22+ years of experience in delivery management, product development, and business operations and her partners Sachin Nigam and Mahesh Alayil, hands-on technology leaders who can map business to technology and drive digital transformation for their customers.

Sumana has successfully implemented relevant business strategies, streamlined work procedures, and has formulated cost-effective solutions. Her work ethic has always been rooted in integrity and professionalism, and she strongly believes in the maxims “Honesty is the best policy” and “Work is worship”. She also gives credit to her strong rapport with successful veterans for her organization’s progress.

In the course of her career and while establishing a new business, Sumana has faced several challenges, but her energy and passion is infectious and has motivated others as well. Attracting the right talent was a significant hurdle in the early years, but with a friendly work environment, she has managed to retain the best employees. Being a woman, she has had to face her fair share of difficulties, but she has faced each challenge head-on.

Sumana is regarded as a role model for women entrepreneurs. “Be bold, be passionate and take a calculative risk”, is her advice to them. She also believes in the potential for improvement, and a willingness to always learn has made Goavega a unique organization. Under her leadership, the organization has helped clients in their development and increased their revenue through efficient products. It has also helped in developing patent ideas. It is through her positivity and dedication that the organization has met its milestones and made profitable growth in the 3rd and 5th years.

In the coming years

Goavega is looking forward to providing its services across India, as well as in the US, Middle East, and Europe. New service lines and technologies according to industry trends will be offered. With its quest for excellence, Goavega intends to become the most preferred product engineering partner to its customers.

For More Details: https://www.goavega.com/