Base Venture – The 10 Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs of 2019

Managing the funds or allocating the assets has always been a tedious job and for as long as the industry has been around, users have relied on manual processes or primitive technologies. The fund administrator, the principal user of these services, finally breathed a sigh of relief when in the year 2015 Base Venture made its appearance.

Base Venture, an initiative by Kim Vogel and her partner John Pizzi, is a cloud-based company that develops innovative solutions in the areas of financial reporting, data visualization, and process management. It has placed itself as an innovative force in the alternative investment and wealth management industries. Base Venture imparts its service to the asset allocators, fund administrators and fund managers to automate their operation and for a smarter way of investment. “”, the enterprise’s award-winning platform has aided in simplifying the administration and management of private funds. ”” simplifies the process of fund management by providing an intelligent, affordable,   scalable and secure platform. Its flexibility has gained appreciation worldwide. It can handle all classes of private funds and be used by all key industry stakeholders, including fund administrators, fund managers, investors, trustees, auditors, and regulators.  

Services Offered:

 Addressing the industry’s greatest challenge of allocating the funds manually, Base Venture has strived to provide a modern and easy-to-use platform that encourages private funds by providing the necessary tools and improving the quality of service and operational efficiency. offers the following feature that eases investment for fund administrators:  

•    Digital dashboards that display dynamic key performance metrics for fund managers and their investors.
•    An intelligent document management system that allows them to upload and filter documents based on industry-specific terms, thereby saving time when they try to locate specific documents.
•    Investor CRM and collaboration tools to simplify how they communicate with investors and reduce their reliance on email.
•    Digital workflow engine that expedites the completion of key processes like capital statement preparation and cash management requests.       

Kim Vogel – President: 

Kim Vogel, President of Base Venture started her professional life as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) at KPMG and thereafter earned MBA from the Harvard Business School. After pursuing an MBA she moved towards Investment Banking and worked as a vice president at Montgomery Securities. Her journey into entrepreneurship and innovation began in the late 1990s as the CFO of Semaphore Partners, one of the first digital marketing agencies. Thereafter, she moved to teach finance and business at Saint Mary’s College of California, fulfilling her life-long wish of being a professor.  

Her entrepreneurial journey didn’t stop here. Together with her colleagues, she built one of the first mobile banking and payments technology companies that redefined the way people bank by introducing the then-crazy notion of banking on a mobile device and named it mFoundry. She served for almost a decade as a CFO of mFoundry and in the year 2015, she founded Base Venture along with John Pizzi, co-founder of Base Venture. Along with being the President, Kim serves on the Board of Trustees for Saint Mary’s College of California. She says, “I really enjoy supplementing my corporate responsibilities with involvement in academia. It keeps me close to those who are just starting their careers and gives me an opportunity to share my story and lessons garnered along the way.”  


 Building and nurturing great teams has been Kim’s best part of the journey. Being surrounded by smart and high caliber performers forces her to ensure bringing the ‘A’ game to the table. “They spark new interests in me, introduce me to new ideas, concepts and opportunities I would have never come up with by myself. Building great companies is a team sport and it is not something one can do very successfully by themselves. I love constantly trying to create my own ‘dream team’. It is not only a ton of fun but I believe it is what it takes to make a company truly successful”, she says.  

Future Ahead: 

Kim looks forward to developing products that serve a purpose and are impactful. Quoting her, “Right now we are all about making BaseVenture as successful as it can possibly be. My last startup, mFoundry, took 10 years to take it from concept to exit. mFoundry was certainly a major success in its own right but I hope to take all of the learnings from that experience and make Base Venture even bigger and better. I also really, really enjoy being on the Board of Trustees at Saint Mary’s College of California. The work is so purposeful and impactful. I hope to do more of this kind of work in the coming years. But most of all I want to just continue to enjoy my journey. I love building great teams, developing innovative & groundbreaking products, and most of all, working with really smart people.”

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