Cover story, Vivek Singh, Founder(Stick Pool Club)

Entertainment that Pays you Back

Have you ever heard of real money-making games?

Top universities around the globe are now offering a degree in video games! With the dawn of the golden age in the gaming industry, how relevant it would be to think that even a casual player, seeking nothing but pure entertainment and thrill of playing a game can now garner by just doing what they love to do in their leisure hours. Talk about earning by delving into what you love! That far, far-away dream is just has made its presence on your horizon, should you go to Google store, App store or their website, it is there, awaiting your gracious arrival.

Raise a toast to the company that has brought the realm of fairytale to reality. Stick Pool Club! A company offering casual gamers with some real-time money in their uniquely crafted games with a vast multiplayer online platform. The player can relish the experience all the while harnessing the money from the comfort of their homes, offices, traveling etc. and all it takes which the gamers have a mobile phone. The user doesn’t have to go searching for a club or group to play with, neither the user has to spend a hefty sum to access the right combination of assets to commence the game. With the blend of excitement, challenge and enhancing one’s skill, Stick Pool Club has perfected their craft to keep you glued all the while offering you reward that you could put to some good use. Next time when someone yells, “Playing games is a waste of time. Do something better,” they are bound to hear the name of a company which had begged to differ, Stick Pool Club.

Stick Pool Club released its first game, 8-Ball-Pool in August of 2018, where they marked their place in history to offer first Real-time multiplayer online game which wager Real-Money to the players. Since then, their presence has grown exponentially in the last year and a half, being a Startup they are now operating in Net Profits and Aim to build highly engaging Real-time Multiplayer online Real Money Games worldwide. They recently launched Poker followed by 9-Ball-Pool. The company’s user-base took the leap and crossed the threshold of 3.3 million users, played 83M gameplay in 16 months which makes an average of 2 gameplay per/second, and players did 6M microtransactions from Metro, Tier I, II & III cities, SPC indeed stung the right cords to achieve such a feat in the gaming market barely in short span.

The Indian gaming industry and market are taking the leap further to bloom in full swing while going by the looks of current state and KPMG predicts that the Indian gaming market would be worth over 1 Billion USD. Stick Pool Club’s GMV of worth $15 million in such a short passage of time, lays leverage to the claim.

In the face of the gaming industry whose targeted audience is based on action, adventure, shooting genre, the triple-A titles were the prime focus of the giant companies. Nobody seemed to look at the needs of a casual gamer, especially in India, the two people out of the lot shouldered the responsibility to heed the need. Chanchal Kurele and Vivek Singh, the Co-founders of Stick Pool Club started the company with a goal to adhere to the requirements of the casual gamers of the country. With the entry of Stick Pool Club in the market, a new life was breathed into the industry where the only priority was on bringing casual games into the mainstream. The long-forgotten casual gamers now had something to look forward to with three installments from the company. Online 3D Poker, set both in real-money and virtual coins, is being lived up to the mark and providing an exhilarating experience to all the Poker players. “Our focus has always been skill-based gaming which had a dearth in supply in India not long ago. We offer entertainment that pays you back,” says Vivek Singh.

Players initiate their journey with a sign-up bonus amount that helps them to navigate the initial phase of the game. Stick Pool Club’s game enriches the experience of the players, enthralling them and building trust among users. The plethora of choices presented in the game provides players in terms of their interest such as different gameplay rules at every level. This forces users to create new strategies every time they face a level to overcome the challenges, thereby enhancing their skillsets. In-built AI makes sure the players are matched on the fairgrounds, thus removing any biases and assuring healthy competition, fair challenges. Time-bound tournaments and Jackpot rounds are frequent to play. Such raises the skill of the player which boosts the user’s confidence to undertake more challenges and compete with intensity.

“We keep it simple for the most part when it comes to strategy. Our belief is that if a product is based on user demand, we do not need to go out of our way to get players,” replied Vivek Singh when asked for the strategy that he prefers to employ. “We take player’s feedback very seriously and do everything to provide them with glitch-free and rich playing experience. We have always believed that communication is the biggest tool and that is why we ensure that there is unhindered communication across the team and the users,” he further added.

A balanced approach to the game is what Stick Pool Club ensures instead of having a clutter of games which ends up confusing the user, taking away all the entertainment the user was promised. “We offer what users/players want in the space of casual gaming. For us, Player is the King.”

Games and applications are coming out every second and are constantly being installed and uninstalled all over the world. This possesses a major challenge that every mobile game or application developers faces sooner or later, user retention. Heaps of games and applications, piles on one another making it difficult for the developers to retain their audience for a longer period of time. On being asked how does the Stick Pool Club handle this thorny path, Vivek Singh answered, “If you win the trust of a user, you get loyalty as a reward. We have modeled ourselves around user feedback and used the data to derive the insights so that we can boost the player’s experience. We have always had a firm belief in our team that if we keep our users happy with the services we are providing them and give them the value for their time we would be getting rewarded with their loyalty.”

“We are trying to analyze the market regarding what users are looking for and what they want us to do in the future. We also want to bring in better ideas so that we give our users a new furthering experience. You can say that we are following a combination of proactive and reactive approach wherein we listen to our users or prospective users while blending in our own ideas so that we can be better and enhance our loyal user base,” he confirmed.

Having a long, hectic day can be tiring but with casual games, acting as a stress buster, you can easily relax and lay off some steam with your friends and family in a competitive camaraderie. Casual games are also very convenient when it comes to longer journeys.

As the Indian gaming market has commenced its voyage to be a Mammoth of the online gaming industry, the future prospects of Stick Pool Club appear bright. It is just like the rising sun for the world of Online Gaming.

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