GIV Solutions – The 10 Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs of 2019

It’s all about shaping vision & Innovation into reality!  

The positive vibes come with the name itself – GIV Solutions has been a source of vision and valuable innovation that truly helps to make our cities, infrastructure, transportation, utilities and enterprises more efficient. By leaving a significant impact on the world of artificial intelligence and BI, the company strengthens its position in the global market. GIV Solutions has been handling many projects seamlessly and operates in both Israel and around the world.  

Right from its inception in the year 2001, GIV Solutions aims to achieve its goal of great client satisfaction by deploying smarter management of data and processes, coupled with cutting-edge solutions.  

GIV delivers custom made, end to end solutions professional services and consulting for project management, provides vertical pre-configured solutions, Gap Analysis, best practices design, change management and implementation. GIV Solutions has continued to take a step ahead by maintaining long-term relationships with clients and constantly increasing value and reducing any risk to customers as well.  

GIV Solutions look for challenges as they enable innovation and reinvention of its capabilities to come up with efficient solutions that are born out of creative thinking and innovative ideas. To reach a key role as a global leader in the industry, it has a precise vision to grow, prosper, and excel by offering quality information and management solutions based on high added value software solutions for its customers. GIV Solutions is highly acclaimed for offering the best of solutions from leading vendors as Infor, and functions as an R&D company approved by the Israel Innovation Authority.  

The company is leading in the field of EAM, providing leadership, guidance, project management, Business processes best practices consulting, implementation, integration, change management and assimilation in the challenging EAM projects. GIV Solutions is also an INFOR Gold plus Channel Partner in Israel for INFOR EAM product, development & localization Center for Israel and micro-vertical solutions based on INFOR EAM.  

A Profound Leadership on a path to create a significant change!  
As a young boy, Meir Givon used to be curious and challenged by complex logical and mathematical problems and resolutions. Eventually, he studied industrial engineering and information systems, and after Meir identified the passion for entrepreneurship, he graduated additional master of unique program of Swinburne university – MEI – M.Sc. in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. while working for maintenance management, development of systems in different high-tech companies, he had been elected, promoted and appreciated as a leader over the years, By his superiors.  

He had the true attributes of leadership that brought him to a point where he founded GIV Solutions. With comprehensive planning and sharp execution, GIV Solutions became one of the leading providers of specific & unique solutions for achieving business advantages and client satisfaction.

Today, the company accomplished some of the major projects and recognized as one of Israel’s leading companies in its domain, and its innovative solutions won prizes and were recognized and honored all over the world. Under the proactive leadership of Meir Givon, Founder & CEO of GIV Solutions, the company created a large and satisfied clientele. It has been on the epitome of success by setting an extraordinary example of being at the forefront of the global market.  

Leaders may be elected or be discovered. Leaders do not nominate themselves. over the years GIV with Meir as CEO was elected again and again by customers for projects innovation and services, bringing constant internal growth. And pointing them as leaders in the industry of infrastructure, transportation, and smart city smart solutions, that came also as reputation and professional community leadership.  

“And I am grateful to those who believed in me and chose me over the years. When I founded GIV, I started on my own and over the years I grew as a leader, and the company grew with wonderfully talented people in it, I am glad to say that many executives and many of the senior employees have grown inside the company under my guidance”.  

Meir takes a great deal of Pride of the people and professionals that have been mentored and guided over 35 years of excellent, personal, noncompromising management and leadership in various organizations he had managed, especially at GIV since 2001.  

Great talents working with a passion for innovation!  
GIV Solutions is a unique place where people with hands-on expertise aspire to deal with complex challenges, simplify and improve enterprises by smart advanced management solutions. The company believes that providing a flexible and free work environment is a must for the growth and evolvement of both individuals and the organization as well.  The team which consists of a variety of positions is highly motivated to give the customer a real solution, which creates a profound sense of success.  

“Our greatest strength is our ability to renew, reinvent ourselves all time, to connect to the mode of innovation, the ability to find solutions to new and unique problems, and not only to renew but also to implement, and to reach the client’s aims, with a high success rate. We hold 100% success in implementing our solutions which is a very rare capability, that distinguishes us from standard integration companies”, says Meir Givon, GIV CEO and founder.  

GIV Solutions- shaping a promising future!
Since 2001, GIV Solutions is raising the standards of consulting, leading, project management, solutions development with the courage to turn the challenges into an opportunity. It has developed innovative solutions that lead it to the path of success. The company has healthy growth in all aspects like company revenues, notable partner projects, an ever-evolving team, and a truly profound leadership it takes pride in, but also to know that the main challenge that is also the most ongoing, is to balance all the elements of success.

​​​​​​​GIV Solutions now looking forward to making a smart move with its global expansion. It has tremendous potential for growth in the field of asset management, infrastructure, and smart management solutions worldwide. 

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