Global Transportation Management Solutions – The 10 Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs of 2019

As a company expands and spreads its wings across cities or goes multinational, the need for a proficient logistics company to support the business arises. Shawn Shaw, the CEO of Global Transportation Management Solutions, knew that the transport and logistics industry was missing a leader in end to end logistics services. With his understanding of the field, he found out the many loopholes and challenges clients and even the logistics business players face. Knowing what he knew by working for over 2 decades in this field, from the bottom to the top, understanding how to build teams, treat people and customers led him to start Global Transportation Management Solutions (GTMS).  

GTMS provides cloud-based transportation management solutions that take care of everything from shipment rating to routing to invoicing. They offer world-class logistics and freight management cloud-based tools that can be used to track and to generate final audited and GL coded invoices.    

Services offered  

As industry-leading freight management experts, Global Transportation Management Solutions’ business intelligence (BI Tools) allows today’s logistics professionals to easily rate, route, track and pay all invoices in a house with one single solution. It is simply a one-stop-platform for all the logistics needs. GTMS offers a highly-efficient modular, scalable and intuitive SMES (Shipment Manifesting Execution Software) platform that is compatible with all modes of transportation.  

Using this platform by Global Transportation Management Solutions, users can seamlessly connect parcel, LTL, full truckload, rail, ocean and air carriers on a single user-friendly platform. As it is built on the latest cloud technology, GTMS can scale to meet any company’s complex needs. This will maximize the visibility and savings across the business’s entire transportation network.  

Shawn Shaw – The CEO  

Shawn’s almost entire career has been in the logistics industry. From a driver delivering heavyweight shipments to running the operation to selling logistic services with 20+ years of transportation experience to Global Transportation Management Solutions. He has spent 15 years in operations management, operations support and sales, where he managed logistics operations for numerous Top-1000-companies while earning multiple awards for his lean and effective logistics practices. 

Shawn’s years of experience also include years of hands-on delivery for the parcel, freight, international commerce, and customs compliance. Shawn’s career path has led him to Emery Worldwide/ Menlo Logistics before founding Global Transportation Management Solutions.  For the past 14 years, Shawn has been reducing his client’s logistics spend by a fortune. He is, on many occasions, referenced and used as an industry expert for both shippers and carriers. Shawn has been instrumental in bringing home some of the BIG contracts for the company and has helped grow in double digits for the past 8 years. GTMS has become a passion for Shawn loving what he does every day!  Team Global

Transportation Management Solutions

“Our biggest strength is our people and our infrastructure technologies. That my entire team shares the same values and visions as I do, we truly make all decisions as a team Our customers set our strategies from each of their needs” says Shawn confidently. “And what makes this happen is our ability to cater to our client’s custom needs and the technology that allows us to be as flexible as our customer needs are,” he adds.  

What sets them apart

When GTMS has a competitive advantage over its competitors, their clients have the upper hand in their respective markets. GTMS moves forward with this in mind as a top priority. They promise their clients:  

•    Best in class rates
•    Quickest delivery times
•    Best in class tracking
•    100% invoice accuracy  

The Roadblocks

“I would say the largest roadblocks and challenges I have had are growing at a pace that makes sense, too much business can have as much effect on your company as too little” says Shawn. He adds “In 2010, we were bidding on 3 major companies, and won all three. The challenge was letting the last one know that we could not handle their business at that time. It was hard, giving up a great opportunity so as to not fail with others”. He looks up to Sam Malouf, President, and CEO at Malouf, and Jeremy Andrus, President, and CEO of Traeger Grills, for their unbelievable leadership skills and dedication.  

The Future  

Global Transportation Management Solutions plans to take the company’s infrastructure technologies advancing to the level of Artificial Intelligence. In order to take the guess-work out of 90% of the decisions which are manually being made today, GTMS is on their toes to integrate this major change as of now!    

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