Highbrow Interactive – BS 10 The Most Admirable Businesses in India 2020

Changing Reality

There is no doubt as to whether Extended Reality (XR) is the revolutionary technology of the upcoming decade. XR is on the verge of becoming the mainstay visual medium and is here to stay. From face filters on Instagram to immersive experience in Virtual Reality, XR has already impacted our lives and is inching closer every day to becoming the go-to medium for training, entertainment, education and communication.

The best kind of learning or advancement happens only through experience. Highbrow Interactive, a Chennai based software company, offers seamless and customized experience as its unique product. Specializing in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Game Production, it has become the go-to service provider for a number of clients and is etching a name for itself.

Manifold Applications

XR is in high demand today, and is used in several industries and sectors. With its singular focus on being the best, Highbrow Interactive has developed key partnerships with top players across industries. Some of the industries benefited by the company’s services include:

  • Healthcare — for Virtual Reality training simulations,
  • Process based industries — to educate workers handle high-risk environments using VR,
  • Defense — for jet engine demonstrations,
  • Skill Development — offering first-hand experience in welding simulation and high-rise and underwater scenarios,
  • Education — in AR seminars using natural language processing,
  • Automobile industry — by using VR for the product launch of a tractor company, showcasing its various features.

Structured and Efficient

A pioneer in computer simulation, the company’s DNA is evident in its products and services. Highbrow Interactive has a balanced understanding of its customers, and has classified its customers into two groups. The games business is B2C, and the company directly delivers to its users. The other model is B2B, where clients seek their XR services and value propositions need to be direct. To streamline the company’s working, it functions under two brand names. The brand associated with gaming is branded Highbrow Interactive, with a separate website (www.highbrowinterative.in), while the VR, AR and MR operations are run under Highbrow Reality, also with its own website (www.highbrowreality.com). This separation of operations allows the company to prioritize, understand its client’s needs, and respond appropriately.

The key services offered by the company include cutting-edge AR, VR, MR solutions, as well as game development. The company’s simulation games have received a whopping 50M+ downloads on Play Store and App Store within 4 years.

Highbrow Interactive has also built libraries and APIs that have helped make the development process straightforward, ensuring timely deliveries of high quality. Experience with using a diverse set of VR hardware has also made it possible for Highbrow to provide solutions for niche client problems.

Jeno Manickam D, the Founder of Highbrow Interactive has an MS in Game Engineering from Newcastle, UK. A dynamic leader, he has helped develop a healthy work culture that values willingness to learn over pre-possessed skills. This has helped build a team where every member has organically recognized their own strong suits and excelled to give their best.

Apart from managing skills, Jeno is also peerless in terms of technical expertise. He started his career during his engineering degree and developed games. He has followed his pursuits and widened his company’s horizon making cutting-edge products that surpass industry standards. In his path to success, he is aided by Prashanth, co-founder and Creative Director, as well as Mohammed Irfan, co-founder and CTO of Highbrow Interactive.

The company has adopted training methods, and development and collaboration protocols to build an efficient team that is highly reliable. Under effective leadership, the company has managed to establish its own user base and digitally market, promote and publish products under its own brand.

Future Aims

Highbrow Interactive is redefining its front-end strategies to allow prospective clients to reach the firm directly. Demystifying new technology, presenting simple solutions, and increasing accessibility are the objectives the company is working on. It has also foreseen the changes in the gaming industry, and acted on it. It is exploring avenues to make its titles available through subscription and streaming models, and is re-strategizing its monetizing techniques. In its gaming business, the company hopes to double its revenue by 2021.

Highbrow Interactive also hopes to see more investors in the VR sector in the near future. As It aims to focus on select industries, make customized products, acquire IPs, and keep improving on production and services.

Having explored and studied both the gaming and VR markets enough, Jeno feels, for the company to launch from here, investments would be the ideal next step.

With an eye to the future, Highbrow Interactive is far ahead of the curve and on the road to success.

For More Details: https://www.highbrowreality.com/