Letstrack Pvt. Ltd – BS The 10 Most Inspiring Tech Leaders to Watch 2020

Trust and Value for All

“The safety of the people shall be the highest law”, declared Cicero, the Roman statesman.

Although he said this more than 2000 years ago, “safety first” has always been significant for humanity. In fact, safety and security is regarded as a human right, and there is a constant desire among people to achieve this state of being.

With the development of technology, the idea of how safety can be achieved is changing. A key player in the Public Safety industry who is making this change possible is Letstrack, a global leader in Personal and Vehicle security systems. The organization covers more than 3000 cities and towns pan India, employing 3000+ technicians. It boasts of having more than 5,00,000 happy customers, bringing value to their lives.

Key Associations

Since its inception, Letstrack has competed with over 25,000 companies and has successfully established itself as the most trusted security partner, providing top-notch solutions. The organization’s growth trajectory has been noticed, and valuable associations have been made with several state governments of India, such as Delhi and Karnataka, Election Commission of India, State Tourism and Transport Ministries, Railways, Bangalore Metro, Bihar Police, as well as many major private sector banks, over 500 top corporates like Exide, Honda, Orix, etc. The services offered by them are extensively used by Ola, Uber and other companies who depend on tracking and delivery.

Winning Laurels

As an organization focused on being the best, Letstrack has won more than 19 awards within the last nine months. These include:

  • India’s 100 Biggest Brands – Asia One
  • Top GPS Tracking Company in India – Bizztor Editor
  • The Extra Mile Award- Amazon Connect
  • Best Vehicle Security Company in Asia, Best Loyalty Program – ET Now

Secure Solutions

Through extensive research, Letstrack offers hardware & software-based security solutions using GPS, giving consumers location-based reports. Each product is customised so that clients can make quick and productive decisions. Letstrack Salesforce tracking solutions help organizations increase productivity and decrease the travel claims by 25%. For organizations an array of products are on offer, each with different functionalities. Matchbox-sized devices for children, devices for pets, personal assets, personal and commercial vehicles, AIS 140 approved hardware for state and institutional transport, etc. are offered.

Salient features include Talk to your Car with Google AI, Real-Time tracking, Engine Cut, Anti-Theft Alarms, Zone Alerts, Speed Alerts, history reports, App to App Free tracking, Free Chatting, Connectivity and SOS options, and more.

Robust Team

The organization values its team members as its family and backbone. Key professionals are given key roles, so each employee can perform to their fullest. Open communication is encouraged. Like a joint family, team members experience good and bad days together, listen and speak up, and have each other’s back.

In every step of the process, the team has the customer in mind. The company makes sure not just to sell its product, but also educate customers about its benefits, adding value. Honesty and transparency is a core work ethic, and customers are always on the same page with team members. With integrity, passion and hard work, the organization has built confidence and peace of mind in its customers, differentiating it from all other companies.

Engaging Leadership

Vikram Kumar, Head Coach and Founder of Letstrack is a powerhouse of talent, and has achieved great success in sales. An effective presenter, negotiator and relationship manager, he is involved and passionate about every process. His energy is infectious and helps gaining the best outcomes from distributors and retailers. He also has an eye for talent, and has trained employees to go on to become winners. For his excellent approach to leadership, Asia One presented him with the India’s 100 Greatest Leaders Award in 2018-19.

The brainwave to start Letstrack came from the need to track teams in different locations and evaluate their productivity. With great foresight, Vikram anticipated the potential of the security and tracking industry. From ordering food to booking a cab, tracking has become commonplace. Under Vikram’s guidance, the organization has now grown to provide security solutions to millions of families and leading the industry with 20% market share.

On an average, the company contributes to saving 1 bike daily, and 4 cars weekly. Vikram credits his analytical mind and the company’s vision for such success. The vision, “Anything that moves can be tracked” has ensured the firm works towards being the best for the next 100 years.

Future Ahead:

Just as diamonds are made under pressure, so also does the company intend to evolve. By tracking the market, analyzing customer habits, and developing AI, the organization intends to increase the sales by 50% every month. Letstrack is looking to raise $10 million through funding, and hopes to command 50% of the market share in the near future.

With sheer talent and determination, the organization is on the fast track to success!