Midpoint – The 10 Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs of 2019

David S. Wong is the CEO at Midpoint, a fintech company listed on the Toronto (TSX.V) and Frankfurt exchanges, where he was also the youngest Chairman and CEO of a public company on TSX.V. He is a Chartered Manager, CAIA and CMT charter holder and Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (UK). David also holds a pilot’s license.

He started his journey at a very young age and is currently known as one of the most thriving Entrepreneurs in his Industry. David is a 36-year-old entrepreneur turned investor who specializes in TMT with a particular focus on disruptive channels, applications of technology, and network effect on businesses. He has an incredible professional experience of over ten years in building and advising technology companies as well as helping companies to scale internationally.  

His journey with Midpoint started as a client of the company. He further loved the idea and vision of the company which led him to invest a huge sum in its share and ultimately started running the company.  

David is also Managing Director at Expadis Capital which focuses on special situations and proprietary investments. David previously worked at a leading UK mid-market private equity firm. Before that, David co-founded a public listed media/technology business. Well, he has been very clear about his goals with Midpoint and now he wishes to scale it up in the years to come. Time moves on, and so does his will to do better for the people.  

Unlike others, he speaks very clearly about how important customer relationship management plays a vital role in the success of every organization. He is hoping to provide the most competitive and transparent payment service to its customers.

He is a true inspiration to all the young Entrepreneurs and he further wishes to bring young and emerging talents in his organization. David primarily focuses on providing a healthy and productive work environment for every person working in his company. He says, “Every person can wake up knowing that the work they do will be efficient, effective, and make a difference for the organization and themselves. These things make their jobs both motivating and fulfilling.”  

Midpoint is an international payments service offering its customers live mid-market foreign exchange rates via the patented matching technology. Unlike banks and brokers, they can eliminate the ‘spread or margin’ component from all transactions by directly matching the client’s currency needs, saving customer’s money with every FX.

Moreover, it is an FCA authorized payments institution specializing in cross -border payments, foreign exchange SMEs, overseas professionals, property owners, individuals, and anyone involved in global payments. Many other platforms make use of Midpoint’s US patent-protected platform for transparent, multi-party, multi-currency services.  

The company’s biggest strength is the presence of youth and diversity.. Their team’s average age is 24 years and they are rooting for each one of them to learn and take immense pleasure in learning from mistakes rather than avoiding them. At Midpoint, they created a culture where team members are not just expected to respond positively to criticism, but to go one step further and draw attention to our own missteps and miscalculations. As David puts it “’ learn from the mistakes of others, we can’t survive long enough to make all the mistakes ourselves’. It is about creating systems and cultures that enable the company to learn from errors, rather than be threatened by them”. This progressive attitude towards failure and mistakes was something David borrowed from the aviation industry.

When asked about the most significant challenge he has faced in his life and work, he said,” Juggling work and personal relationships are complicated. We can have anything we want in life; we just cannot have everything we want.” Only a true entrepreneur can speak words of wisdom and sacrifice such as this.  

A person of integrity, who works seven days a week, speaks so highly of the people who work in his organization. Speak- ing of his Inspirations, he describes his fascination with the success and work ethics of CEOs like Jack Ma, Ray Dalio, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk.  

He struggled as well during his early days when he took over the company. He says, “When trying to change behavior, you have two approaches to choose from: change your thinking and hope this leads to new behavior or change your behavior and hope this leads to new thinking. At Midpoint, I had to do both.”

In the next two years, he hopes that his company is sustainable, has the right team, with the proper discipline and culture that can bring value to the business.  

David has high hopes further for his employees and the company. He hopes to see the junior staff and the new employees grow into management roles and takes the business forward to a much better position.

He has worked pretty much his entire life until now, and there is nothing that can stop him from achieving greater heights. “Whilst outcomes are what we are after, we focus almost exclusively on the process, From experience, once you get good at optimizing processes, achieving outcomes becomes fairly easy and repeatable. When we continuously repeat all these in quick succession, the by-product of that is what a lot of people recognize as, or, call ‘success.’”

For More Details: https://www.midpoint.com/