SkyLab Services – BS 10 Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs

SkyLab is a digital performance company that optimizes the delivery of content, software and machine data for mission-critical applications globally. It provides critical IoT data logistic and edge cloud computing solutions to enterprises, helping them gain valuable insights and drive proactive actions on asset optimization and resource management as well as drive new revenue streams.

Centre of Excellence       

SkyLab is a center of excellence when it comes to developing class-leading, patent-pending, Industrial IoT and edge cloud computing products, and solutions. It also specializes in the provision of large-scale data logistics services using edge computing and IoT platforms. Their multi-protocol data harvesting capabilities allow the extraction of data from varied sources like sensors, equipment, and databases. Further, the extracted data is processed and correlated at the edge and forwarded to the cloud for analysis and visualization. With SkyLab’s open application enablement cloud platform, users are no longer constrained by proprietary hardware and software providers.

The Leader  

Stephen Ho, Group COO and Managing Director at SkyLab has over two decades of extensive experience managing large-scale international business, city planning, strategic city management, sustainable design, technology consultancy, real estate investment, and development. He also holds expertise in distinct fields like strategy, business process, re-engineering, business development, management, and commercialization of intellectual properties and technologies.

Stephen Ho began his career in Singapore’s Housing Development Board (HDB) and was subsequently posted to the Ministry of National Development of Singapore, HDB’s parent Ministry. His key role at HDB was that of an Electrical Engineer responsible for the design and supervision of electrical installation for the Board’s residential and commercial projects.

Prior to starting his career, Stephen was a National University of Singapore/A*STAR Research Scholar at A*STAR’s Data Storage Institute and developed cutting edge optical data storage technologies under a public-private collaboration. His works were published in numerous international journals and conferences.  

In his 20 years long corporate tenure, he held various leadership positions in large scale publicly listed and private organizations such as Surbana International Consultants and Surbana Technologies, Keppel Land International, Keppel Land China Limited and Wing Tai Asia, where he gained extensive international experience covering China, South Asia, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America markets. In his various international roles, he led multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural teams to deliver on large-scale consultancy, technology, city planning, and real estate development projects. In China, for example, Stephen was responsible for real estate development projects with a combined Gross Development Value (GDV) exceeding US$6 Billion.

 Thereafter, Stephen decided to switchgear and pursue his passion for entrepreneurship and deep technology in his current role as Group COO and Managing Director at SkyLab. Here, he is spearheading SkyLab’s effort in the implementation of large-scale enterprise-grade and mission-critical IoT and edge computing solutions across different domains, leveraging on SkyLab’s end-to-end capabilities in optimizing the delivery of content, software and machine data globally. These domains range from green energy, smart cities and buildings, telecommunications and maritime.    

Stephen looks forward to building a world-class digital services company and is inspired by the co-founder of Apple Inc, Steve Jobs.

The Pillar  

The team of SkyLab is the pillar of the company. Stephen Ho says, “We are very fortunate to have a team of very talented and passionate members. They are fully committed to developing class-leading products and platforms based on market needs.”  

“The company follows a flat hierarchy and gives each and every team member the opportunity to voice their thoughts and ideas.” Stephen is supported by vice-presidents and senior managers in a range of functions ranging from human resource, finance, business development, channel sales, solution architecting, to project delivery  

The company also believes in taking a multi-disciplinary approach in addressing a client’s needs. Within the team, they have experts in the domains of telecommunications, cloud computing, networking, smart city and building, e-commerce, technology consultancy, and international business. This combination of expertise helps them address their clients’ needs in a holistic and value-adding way.

Reaching New Heights

Asked about the
company’s future direction, Stephen says, “Through the use of SkyLab’s products
and services, clients will be able to correlate data from their previously
siloed sub-systems, thereby drawing new actionable insights to benchmark and
optimize their systems and processes, as well as make better decisions. These
will lead to enhanced service level, safety, and security, prolonging of the
assets’ lifespan and reduction of operating and capital expenditures. They will
also be able to unlock new values from these data.”

The company is
aggressively internationalizing and counts numerous global tech giants as
strategic and business partners. They look forward to building this eco-system
of complementary partners and collaborating with them to address the global
market whilst continuing to develop class-leading and innovative products and