Swamy Tech – BS The 10 Most Inspiring Tech Leaders to Watch 2020

Empowering ideas

The last two centuries have seen constant technological progress at an unprecedented rate. This is truer for the current decade, where new technologies have taken the industry by storm. One such advancement has been 3D printing, making it possible to convert deigns and ideas into tangible, three dimensional objects. With new research, this niche industry has the ability to revolutionize the future and enable progress and development for all. It also ensures that manufacture and production no longer remains with tech-giants, but is more democratized, and can be accomplished by small to medium-sized organizations as well.

One such company that shows great promise is Swamy Tech, a 3D-printing organization that is bridging the gap between an idea and a prototype. Established in 2016, the organization has made great strides and within a few years has cemented its name as a leading service provider with more than 700 successful projects.

Renowned Clientele

With technological changes taking place, industries such as healthcare, automation, manufacturing, aeronautics and aerospace, etc. have a high demand for 3D printing. This service makes the manufacturing process quicker, with quality solutions. Swamy Tech has a thorough understanding of the industry’s demands, and offers end-to-end solutions, making it the partner of choice. Several high-end organizations have collaborated with Swamy Tech. The organization boasts of a highly renowned clientele, such as, ISRO, Mercedes-Benz IITs and IISc, Sigtuple, Ola, and more. Having a wide array of satisfied customers, the organization’s name is being spread by its clients through references and through word of mouth—a testament to the quality of its services.

Delivering Success

Swamy Tech is not just a service provider, but prides itself in offering holistic solutions to clients, and being involved at each stage of production. A unique feature of the organization is that it builds its own 3D printers, and therefore makes customization easy. This in-house capability to manufacture means it can build printers of various dimensions, highly suited to the client’s prototype. This ensures quality of services, timely delivery within a matter of days, as well as an extremely narrow scope for error.

The main services offered include:

  • 3D printing
  • 3D designing
  • Research and Development

The printing technologies consist of FDM, SLS, SLA, PolyJet, and DMLS. The company offers services from R&D to production, prototype and to marketing, functioning with the motto – “Success to our clients is a success to Swamy Tech.”

Through its efficient services, for instance, the company has been able to cater to urgent needs in the healthcare industry, and has helped a hospital restructure a patient’s serious face wound with no risks, within a couple of days’ time.

Other services it offers include 3D scanning, to showcase how parts are manufactured, as well as conducting workshops and tutorials on 3D printing, to spread the skill among today’s youth. It also promises data security, with a policy to destroy relevant client data within 30 days.

Ambitious and Determined

Abhay Swamy, the Founder and MD of Swamy Tech, is a passionate and committed visionary keen on offering the best and being on top of the game at all times. An engineer, he first built his own 3D printer in 2012 when he was a student, and understood its potential. Transforming his vision into reality, he founded the company in 2016, and became a recruiter, providing employment to others by the time he graduated in 2015. He strongly believes in the Make in India drive, and this belief can be seen in the company’s work ethic – from providing employment opportunities, internships, and workshops to students in India, to developing its own printers and producing prototypes. He has also been a speaker at TEDx BNMIT. Providing employment in India, and collaborating with major industry players is what motivates Abhay to be successful.

Abhay has a good understanding of the industry, and recognizes the heavy competition he has to face. Other challenges also include awareness of 3D technology, affordability, and adaptation with client companies. Despite these challenges, Swamy Tech maintains the highest standards and is one of the leading names in 3D printing.

Currently, Abhay is working on a patent to develop a 3D printer that can print metal while maintaining affordability. This scientific temperament and the desire to advance has been a key factor for the company’s success.

The Road Ahead

Swamy Tech is committed to the long run and aims to be a game-changer in the field of 3d printing and
production. It aims to become a one-stop solution for its clients.