Veloxtech Solutions – BS The 10 Most Inspiring Tech Leaders to Watch 2020

Providing Efficient Solutions

The tech industry has several demands that require specialists to solve them. Many a times, organizations come across obstacles that cannot be overcome through in-house services. Specialized consultancy services are required from the outside to streamline an organization’s operations. Service providers that can cater to this need have to ensure reliability, quality and affordability of such services to remain ahead of the curve in this increasingly competitive industry.

Veloxtech Solutions, a Hyderabad based organization, is one such firm that promises reliability and excellence in its services. The organization understands its clients’ needs thoroughly, and promises to cater to any kind of customizations. Problem solving is the key concern, and identifying a client’s pain points and providing effective solutions is what it does best. As the name suggests, Veloxtech Solutions considers “velox”, the Latin word for “swift” or “rapid” as its core belief, and also insists on timely delivery to ensure maximum client satisfaction.

Important Collaborations

The organization has made significant contacts in the tech industry, and has managed to build strong and lasting relationships with its clients and collaborators. It boasts of a strong network of tech companies that serve as its Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). These include multi-national names such as Hitachi, IBM, HP, Dell, Microsoft and more. With a wide array of top game players, Veloxtech Solutions has ensured success and perfection since its inception.

Solving Problems

The company is geared to solving two kinds of problems. The first problem deals with how buyers interested in IT infrastructure find original equipment companies to meet specific requirements. In contrast, the second deals with how software and related firms manage to stand out from amongst their competition. Core IT solutions, Storage/Virtualization, Software and Cyber Security services are the solutions offered. The wide array of services include:

  • IT Infrastructure for IT enterprise requirements, which include Traditional Practices like storage, virtualization and networking practice, as well as Emerging Practices like cyber security,
    focusing on Zero Trust architecture, and cloud practice.
  • RPA and SAP practices, which is a consulting division involved in implementation, rollout and product support on ERP and Automation platforms.
  • Managed Services and Support

Veloxtech Solutions offers both tangible and intangible benefits to its customers. The intangible benefits is what separates the company from its competition. It believes in solving customer problems at an optimum cost, keeping in mind the AAA parameters: Authentication, Authorization, and Accountability.


Apart from developing strong collaborations, Veloxtech Solutions has also received a name for its ability to respond to client demands. CIOReview India has recognized the potential of the organization, and has recognized it as one of the “20 Most Promising Enterprise Networking Solution Providers” in 2018 for its excellence and innovation.

Exceptional Strategies

The Founder of Veloxtech Solutions began his career in technology sales, where he created valuable associations with principal companies, Value Added Distributors, and System Integrators across India, the Middle East and East Africa. This has enabled him to be backed by a senior technological advisory body from the USA, UK, UAE, and India.

The organization’s strategy is to create and collaborate. It focusses on the value added to customers, and being involved from an early stage to identify a customer’s pain points. Innovation is part of the DNA of the firm, as it believes in using new technologies to solve problems in an efficient and easy manner. It also collaborates with existing players to solve problems. This strategy allows Veloxtech Solutions to be a trusted and recommended consulting partner.

It explicitly follows the Blue Ocean strategy that looks towards new market creation, making competition irrelevant and creating new demand. It refrains from competing in the existing market, and disproves the value/cost trade-off. This helps the organization stand at a level far ahead of its competition.

The learning curve from starting a new company to becoming a strong player has been steep, faced with many challenges. Nonetheless, with an expert team, the company has led from the front and has faced uncertainties head-on, with the most effective strategies.

The Path Ahead

Veloxtech Solutions finds itself fortunate to be at the cusp of a revolution in a dynamic yet uncertain world. This offers ample opportunities, and the organization is excited for its future ahead. It is working on foraying into Cyber Security and AI/Automation across geographies.

With its commitment to excellence and creativity, Veloxtech Solutions has great potential for success.