Growth of Home Automation Industry in India – Arsonic International

Indian home automation market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 25 - 30% during the period of FY 2019 - 2030. Home automation market was valued at USD 1790.9 million in 2018 and if it’s continue with the same pace it will be between 18 - 19 billion USD.

Somewhere I feel that one of the main factors behind this growth trend is the improvement in awareness about safety, security and energy savings in urban as well as rural areas of India. As we (arsonic) are one of the home automation solutions providers in India, we had witnessed the excitement and curiosity in rural people about the new technologies and the features. One side where developers had started implementing the smart home or digital home concept in metro cities like Mumbai/Delhi/Bangalore/Hyderabad etc. on the other hand people living in tier II and tier III cities are equally excited about the advantages of implementation of home automation system.

Apart from energy saving, safety and security, people are also fascinated by the advance features of home automation solutions like control your home by mobile app or voice command from anywhere and everywhere or play with the lights as per your mood or requirements or schedule the HVAC or Lighting or Water heaters as per the need of family members or set alarms for the emergencies like gas leakage or water overflow and many more. Integration with glass touch switches has increased the elegancy of the interior and it has given a tool to interior designers to improve the beautification of the wall or room. Integration of digital door locks with video door phone improves the security of the home as well as provides the ease to operate the doors from anywhere. A panic button is handy on unwanted or unexpected incidents like theft, fire or medical emergencies.

Easily availability of Internet is also one of the major factors behind the growth of home automation industry in India as plenty of Indian manufactures have launched wi-fi based retrofit home automation solutions which are not only easy to install but also quite user  friendly solutions. One side where no special or additional wiring is required to install these home automation solutions, on the other side a normal technician / electrician can easily install the home automation solutions in few minutes. Post sales service and on site assistance had improved the reach and also helped to create awareness to tier II and tier III cities in India.

Still home automation industry is in early stage and considering the huge potential in Indian market, undoubtly it’s Have a bright future in coming decade.

About the Author: Amod Yadav, Founder & CEO,