HyLiv Coliving Ltd – BS 10 Most Trusted Builders & Developers to Watch in 2020

“He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home,” said the famous writer Johann Goethe. Finding a sense of comfort and security at home is one of the most satisfying feelings one can have.

With the rapid change in people’s lifestyle in the last decade, the concept of home is changing. Working professionals choose to travel for work, or settle down in cities far from their hometowns. The  typical option for such professionals would be  the choice to stay as paying guests. However, living in a PG means giving up on basic priorities like privacy, space, and that crucial essence of a home.

HyLiv Coliving Ltd. is an initiative that is transforming how millennials choose to live. The organization emphasizes the importance of striking a balance in one’s lifestyle, and offers services that are customized to the needs of its customers. It offers a newfound urban definition of living, adding luxury to the conventional PG setups.

Prime Locations

HyLiv is based in Chennai, a metropolitan city that has seen an influx of professionals who require living spaces under a budget. Understanding this need, HyLiv offers budget friendly, yet luxury spaces in key zones in Chennai: from the city’s center, to prime locations. These include Padur, Thoraipakkam, Pallavaram, Saligramam and other key areas that offer comfort and eco-friendly environments to more than 700 people, expected to grow in the coming months.

A Model of Living

The company has been winning the trust of its clients due to the excellent quality of services provided. It is not only transforming the quality of life, but also making clients feel a sense of “home away from home”. Luxury spaces are offered keeping in mind the millennial’s budget and requirements.

Built-in service options are included in the private or shared spaces. A community set-up is also offered, giving the people a sense of community, that is crucial to develop a strong support system. HyLiv knows its user base well, and understanding its needs, it has also developed a digital application that has simplified the check-in and check-out process, making the experience hassle-free.

The overall experience offered by HyLiv includes living in an environment with a like-minded community, emphasised safety, luxury living in fully furnished rooms, easy rent payments through the app, and prime locations offering a safe space along with a variety of recreational options. It offers user-friendliness, both in the spatial and digital aspects.

With this, HyLiv ensures it caters to the 3C’s of Co-living: comfort, convenience and community.

New-Age Leadership

Sreyansh Mehta, the CEO of HyLiv Coliving Ltd, has had an illustrious career in the real-estate sector. He has a keen understanding of the emerging needs of the people. His enthusiasm and youthful spirit has allowed him to analyze the evolution of dwelling needs and offer tailor-made solutions for the generation. He has a futuristic vision, and through HyLiv he hopes to achieve  it. Sreyansh’s focus has allowed  HyLiv to develop a single minded objective: to be the one solution to every millennial’s housing need. The company has adopted the Built-To-Suit housing model, offering privacy, comfort, and quality, at low prices and in personalized environments. This balance between luxury and affordability has been the reason for HyLiv’s success. Sreyansh believes that being a millennial himself has enabled him to cater to the needs of his clients perfectly. His constant focus is on evolution and transformation, while ensuring sustainability. A major difficulty he had to face was creating the sense of “home away from home” among the occupants, and developing an emotional connect to a rental accommodation. Prioritizing the multiple needs of the new generation and creating a single solution has been the phenomenal task, and it is his vision and effort that has led him and his company,  achieve the “comfort of a home at the cost of a PG”.

Despite the obstacles faced while building HyLiv communities, with the creativity of Sreyansh and his team, the company continues to make progress.

Envisioning the Future

HyLiv envisions a blend of tech-friendly and user-friendly platforms, along with catering to the newest preferences of its customers. There is also a great emphasis on the longevity of its objectives, and the company insists on offering the best services every single day. The company also intends to expand to other metropolitan cities such as Bangalore,  Hyderabad and Kochi in the future. By striking a balance between engagement and privacy, HyLiv is emerging as one of the most trusted developers of the country.

For More Details: http://www.hyliv.com/