Monitoring health with FitBit Versa 2

As fitness craze is growing and people are becoming more aware of their health, wearables to track various bodily processes are coming to the market with better upgrades and latest techs. One of the releases is FitBit Versa 2 which comes in 6 styles for watches and bands. There is also two special edition range. The four options which are priced at Rs. 20,999 are black and carbon aluminum, stone and mist grey aluminum, Bordeaux and copper rose aluminum, and petal and copper rose aluminum. The special edition options are priced at 22,999 which replaces sport bands for the fabric straps, pairing a smoke woven with the mist grey aluminum watch and a navy plus pink strap with a rose gold aluminum watch.

FitBit Versa 2 is significantly better than the predecessors, the Versa and the Versa Lite. The notable changes are there is no FitBit logo on the bezel below the display; the dial is more rounded but is not thinner; the 1.4-inch AMOLED display is a big improvement as it blends perfectly into the bezels and seems one complete package. With Gorilla Glass 3 layer, the screen is larger than before and is brighter to look at and the displayed text is crisp, thoroughly useful in the bright outside light.

An always-on feature is an important addition as the user now does not have to tap the side buttons to wake it up and access the dashboard or apps. Another addition is Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant. An on-board microphone always keeps listening for Alexa command and if the user gives commands, the response can be seen on the screen. The feature is especially convenient for reminders and to-do lists.

In a nutshell, excellent battery life, improved screen, better design and built-in Alexa support are some features to go after FitBit Versa 2.