Month: January 2020

India’s mission to increase Power Capacity

In its goal to increase the power capacity, India’s thermal power generation capacity addition program has stagnated and steeply fell […]

Samsung investing $500 Million in India

As per new reports, Samsung has invested $500 Million in a display manufacturing facility in India. Samsung already has a […]

A look at shares in Metal Industry

With Donald Trump signaling the signing of the trade deal between two giant economies, China and the US on January […]

Why gaming industry should take care of their users?

The gaming market in India is booming at a rapid pace and especially multiplayer platform games are making quite a […]

Cover Story, K. Sridhar, Co-Founder & Director ( Kelsa Solutions )

Going that extra mile Kelsa Management Solutions was started in March 2010 with a mission to cater to the needs […]

Growth of Home Automation Industry in India – Arsonic International

Indian home automation market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 25 – 30% during the period of FY […]

Real Estate Investing During a Downturn – Indiassetz

Real estate is one of the most preferred investment avenues for Indians, forming a sizeable part of their investment portfolios. […]

Internal Process Controls for Better Compliance

Internal Process Controls plays a vital role in any compliance system, as it consistently meets organization’s set goals focusing on […]

How IOT is changing real estate industry?

For an industry heftily revolving around cement, bricks, cranes, water, metal and metal tools, integrating the use of the Internet […]

Aid of AI in HR

The world is eyeing a colossal shift in its working and efficiency and productivity. A brand-new technology is knocking on […]

Sharp and Score HR Consulting Pvt Ltd – BS List of 10 Best HR Solution Providers 2020

Delivering Seamless and Consistent Services The technological world is volatile in nature. This dynamic nature always keeps companies on their […]

Personalization in Human Resource Management

One size fits all, is the adage thriving since archaic times. For the generations and eras, it had held water […]