What new features Call of Duty Season 3 holds?

Call of Duty Mobile has been making a name for itself after having success on PC and Console platforms. The game is rolling out Season 3 updates for both Android and iOS across the regions. The game quickly gained recognition and now, it challenges the most popular game PUBG. The battle to stay ahead has led to many updates and impressive features in the games. While Call of Duty Mobile is in Season 3, the game is introducing a variety of game modes, new weapons, and skins along with the new Season 3 Battle Pass. The game is also got a new login option where a player can switch from an older version of the Call of Duty Accounts and login to new ones to save their game progress.

The Season 3 Battle Pass is due to arrive on 20th January and per the reports, players will be able to play with Phantom and FTL from Infinite Warfare along with other weapons such as the Type 25 – Geometry or Chicom, Irradiated Amethyst. The Rapid Fire mode is newly announced that will be in this update where a new multiplayer mode is added. This mode will be fast paced with limited time which will allow players to get score streaks more quickly and skills will have shorter cooldown with unlimited ammo.

Battle royale mode always gets better with each update. Now, the game offers a 20 v 20 mode which is again a fast paced mode. Two teams consisting of 20 players each will battle against each other and the first to hit the score of 150 will take the trophy the home.