5G and security trends in the Telecom industry

New and emerging technologies in the telecom industry such as 5G and OTT are evolving the market which leads to fierce competition. The niche providers are looking to make an impact on these technologies and garner the market for themselves.

5G on Horizon

The fifth generation of wireless technology is making waves in the world. 5G offers faster streaming and downloading speed with a reliable network. 5G will change the industries and daily life also the working habits of the businesses and the customers. Projects such as smart-cities, IoTs, and self-driving cars will benefit immensely after the implementation of the 5G network.

These trends are gaining significant attention as the technologies are pushing the boundaries. IoTs are steadily being included in all aspects of the industries as well as for residential projects while Self-driving cars are the next big thing in the automobile industry. With the 5G network, these trends will only become stronger as the bandwidth and range of 5G networks will exceed the current limitation of a 4G network.

Fueled by consumer and business requirements, niche providers and governments alike are pushing the deployment forward with the ambitious goal of rolling out 5G networks more widely.


Security is the most concerned and heated topic of all time. looking back at the years, there is numerous news about data leaks or data breaches and network being compromised. Such threats have made the customers and the operators to realize the need for better security options and protect the valuable data. The networks are software-defined and their infrastructure is as vulnerable to attacks as the bits and bytes sent through the network.

Service providers are prioritizing a secure network to provide better security to the users. In 2020, it is expected to see encryption transition to a more persistent technology.