Cover Story, Sanjay Mishra, Joint Director(APEX Insurance Consultants)

The growing emphasis on healthcare safety has spawned a dramatic increase in scientific knowledge about improvements in patient care and managing risk in clinical situations. Identifying the nature and sources of risk are important elements in quality and safety improvements. For its part, AICL contributes to a more thorough understanding of the nature of medico-legal risk in medical care through its analyses, range of experts and many of running and closed cases.

In India when the situation no longer remains Doctor friendly, you need to take extra care and caution. Everyday there are a series of Stories on Channels which shows the Medical Practitioners not only in a very bad light but even compare them with those who are corrupt and illegal. This has indeed a big impact on the society and you can’t take it for granted as safe and secure.

Crisis in medical fraternity are like fire. They start small in some unobserved area. If you smell the smoke and catch the fire early, you will avert a major crisis. Left unattended, these smouldering problems may grow into catastrophic infernos. One should never stop to think of the many things that could go wrong for your professional practice. Some crises are caused without anybody’s fault. Others stem from acts of human malice or criminal behaviour: the emotionally disturbed caretakers of a patient who comes to your place with a grudge to settle, or the trusted competitor and legal people secretly conspiring to dodge your professional reputation. The sources of potential professional crises are many. Risk Management is all about contingency planning, or preparing today for tomorrow’s potential setbacks. It helps you recognize a crisis situation before it is out of control.

The Media-Newspapers, Television, and Radio-represent a Special Communication challenge to medical professionals and which a Crisis management company are trained to handle. Approached wisely, the media may carry your story as you want it framed. Mishandled the media, on the other hand, and your Goodwill and those of your Hospital may be publicly skewered. What we are trying to Establish that the Medical Fraternity no longer need Indemnity Insurance of a Company but a Proper Risk Management Solution. In your profession every crisis is costly. Even if you resolve your crisis effectively and with a high degree of professionalism, there are bound to be costs in terms of Money, Time, Morale and Public Image.

Insurance in India is not designed to save an individual or an organization on every front. Its role is limited and before it comes in picture a big damage in terms of Image, Goodwill and character is normally done. No other profession is as deeply connected with the human as of Medical profession and each and every person deputed for the communication and care of the patients play a Vital role in establishing a positive or negative connection. The Job of crisis managers are full of challenges and risk. They need to safeguard a professional on every front and that needs a special expertise. The New Rules of Crisis Management in the Digital Age’, by industry expert, Scott Farrell observes: “We have to be mindful that it is people who write plans and activate them, who read the data and interpret it, and who must act swiftly and decisively at every turn of a crisis in order to save an individual, a brand or an enterprise from peril.”

Our role as your Risk Managers are not only to provide a time bound solution of your crisis but to also take care of the fact that during and after the crisis your message is heard and understood. Every day we wake up with the message of essential Risk Management for everyone because we know the fact that the Mass adoption of digital and social media can’t be ignored in today’s age. Professionals and Organizations no longer control access or the flow of information about themselves. The internet has created transparency – it’s all out there, good and bad. Digital media also enables groups of like-minded people to gather together, share views and organize opposition – whether it be for a major cause or because they did not like something in that last television News about your industry. So, the message is that if you are feeling Bulletproof, it’s probably because you have been lucky rather than good.

We are carrying the Risk management revolution in India since the Year 2000 and have successfully handled more than 20 thousand crises in medical fraternity across the nation. In a crisis Apex bring many useful attributes beyond just our responsibility for legal issues. We know more about what is going on across your profession and are often a repository of the Medical Professional’s history. Our team are trained to question everything – an asset during a crisis when there is a need to analyse conflicting scenarios and decide on a course of action.

We are extremely grateful and obliged by your trust and believe in Brand Apex. With the blessings of 80 thousand Medical Professionals we are fighting tooth and nail to keep your Professional interest and life safe and secured.

Listening To An Innovation:

A lot of things can happen to companies, professionals and entrepreneurs, but there is one essential fact that cannot be ignored. Unexpected things will always happen that will bring massive unhappiness to human being. And this unhappiness may bring severe crises and loss of goodwill if not managed properly. It was the basic idea of preparing to deal with the crisis through meticulous preparation of executable plans that laid the foundation of Risk Management business of “Apex”, in India. The choice to work for the medical fraternity came with the fact that in India, this was probably the single profession where there was a huge communication gap between the doctors and the patients. In our modern India there were and there are, ever increasing numbers of people who believe, often justifiably, that health care professionals and big corporate hospitals don’t give a damn to them.

Helping Doctors To Keep Commitment:  

In our 18 years of Operation we had seen that sometimes, despite a doctor’s experience and obvious skills in communication and treatment, the ball gets dropped on the goal line when it comes to a crisis. Apex was the first organised effort which brought the Crisis Management possibility in India. From a well-organized planning team, to professionally access the scope of the Problem, to developing a spontaneous plan, testing the plan and keeping the plan up-to-date, we have a full expert command on each and every step. It is really a matter of pride and satisfaction that Apex is always ready for its members in any event of a crisis that they may face. Whether it is predictable or unimaginable. Our contingency planning is always in place.

Making Risk Management Movement Profitable: 

Our Risk management venture was a daring effort, which was full of risk, but we just believed in our concept that Risk management solutions are essential for the growth-oriented professionals. For years we are into answering some of the very tough questions to solving some of the real life-threatening problems. We saw the scenario of doctor patient relationships changing very fast. Any death or severe injury pertaining to medical treatment or procedure landed physicians in the court of law, both in civil & Criminal. We were happy for those who had taken our complete coverage and for them we stand with full professional expertise and safety. The cases were rising and so was the confusion among those who were completely relying on the Professional Indemnity of an Insurance Company. There was this limited coverage policy at one hand and the number of acts and laws by the Government on the other hand. The issues involving doctors were so complicated that even the courts needed the practical assistance from the bar to explain the complexities of the procedures undertaken. And we are being proven right. To understand a Doctor’s complexities requires a very knowledgeable person who should be a learned person both in medicine and law. Our push for Medico-legal specialty became an instant hit. From then to till date we are responsible to bring the best experts in Medico-legal field and ironically majority of actually practicing Medico-legal experts from different part of the country are associated with Apex.

Nothing Small About Our Work: 

We with our unique expertise are working in more than 26 States and have a great track record of carrying out some effective crisis management operations in the Medical sector. Our efforts and story were instrumental in acquiring proper risk management team in many Medical associations across the country. Although we never stopped on one solution, but kept on reinventing the new dimensions. Our service offers to Cover each and every crisis of a doctor from Professional to Personal was one such brave initiative. We gave Indemnity a new definition and dimension. Insurance cannot help a company avoid a crisis, but it can help it to avoid some or all of the negative financial consequences. We realized that if worked wisely, we can give even an Insurance company a good viability. Unfortunately, in those days Insurance officials were just scared of selling it with an open mind and were having apprehensions of landing into unnecessary liabilities. By that time, we were the corporate agent for an Insurance company and were selling only 1 product along with our risk management coverage. We shattered the myth of loss and liability as we sold approx. 15 thousand policies with less than 2 Percent of matters arriving in the court and even in that most of them got rejected by the court due to our effective expert defence. We grew as an effective Risk Management organization as well as the most viable and Profitable partner for our Primary Insurer.


There are lots of qualities needed to make a business survive and grow and the most vital among them are dedicated Team partners. Too often, the public focuses on the wisdom of a CEO or directors or even to the access to capital. But without a dedicated and technically qualified team, many of those other qualities won’t matter much. At Apex, we have a completely different thought process of selecting a team in the professional world where Experience and Qualification matters most, we often give chance to those who don’t have the fortune to do good academically or hail from very poor background. The only thing we focus on our team partner is the attitude to learn and excel in any given opportunity. Today we are proud to celebrate the success of these dedicated souls who are the main driving force behind the Brand Apex.

There is no medicine like hope, no incentive of cure is so great, and no tonic powerful as expectation of something tomorrow. Tomorrow is so powerful as it is not seen, real medicine can only exist when it penetrates into a knowledge of proper consultant. Hence, the duo of pioneering leaders Mr. Vijay Arora (CEO & Joint Director) and Mr. Sanjay Mishra (Joint Director) mark their revolutionary vision in Medical Insurance Consulting.

They forge the AICL (Apex Insurance Consultant Limited) as a company that embraces the human being with respect to body, soul, and spirit. Apex was formed under the Indian Companies Act 1956 with a pure intention and Purpose of helping Indian Medical Professionals. To bring all the needed revolutions for the welfare of mankind without fearing the complications of the Law and Legal System.

It was the toughest choice for Apex because, in the country, 90% of the population doesn’t know anything about Medical complications and effectiveness. The same ratio of Medical Professionals not even ready to open up to new Change. There were confusions but Apex was seeing a bigger picture.

The medical industry was bound to grow and so were the professionals associated with it. It was a clear decision to give Medical Professionals a big platform to perform simply assuring them of risk-free tomorrow.

Being the benchmark

Apex Joint Director, Sanjay Kalika Mishra and his long term team partner and Friend Mr. Vijay Arora, the CEO of Apex Group founded the Company in 1999-2000. They came up with a revolutionary idea to help professionals in solving their crisis when there was a colossal budget constraint.

AICL was formally registered in the Year 2001. Sanjay has essential formal educational degrees while Mr. Vijay Arora has a degree in Law apart from MBA. Sanjay primarily looks after the Sales and Planning of the Company whereas Mr. Arora manages the most complicated day to day operations and Services of the Company.

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