Fervent Digital – Harinder Rana – BS 10 Most Trustworthy Companies to Watch 2020

360-degree Marketing Services Company

The world is increasingly becoming more and more digital. As more and more audiences are to be found online, most of their waking time, the world is online and in such situations, businesses too need to be online to ensure brand preference, loyalty, garner sales and grow ahead of their competitors. A business in today’s world must have a digital footprint. However, having an online presence is not enough to garner sales. A business must reach to the users and appeal to them. There are broadly two categories of businesses, the new-age digital natives who are doing business in the digital medium by deploying advanced tech in solutions, manufacturing, and products. And then, the others, who are continually playing catch up using mature tech. To address the entire digital needs of a business, Fervent Digital brings fresh and innovative ideas to the table to enable businesses to build their brand identity and expand their reach to convert leads into sales.

Fervent Digital is a 360-degree integrated, digitally-driven, and enabled marketing services company. It began with a mission to become the most professional and trusted services organization encompassing Technology, Experiential, Integrated, and Digital which enables businesses to grow, launch products and gain a competitive advantage by leveraging its tailored marketing services framework. The company strives to create and enable successful business growth for startups and established companies alike.


Promoted by Fervent Communication – an experiential services powerhouse functioning since 2010, Fervent Digital commenced its journey in March 2019. Having observed that most brands in the marketplace were investing heavily in favor of the digital medium and to ensure better ROI through a spectrum of digitally-driven marketing services, Fervent Digital aims to leverage its capabilities for existing clients as well as for new prospects. While March was witness to Fervent Digital going live – CIO Dimension was launched as an initiative in August 2019 to connect and empower smarter conversations between the advance-tech inclined CIO community and advance-tech startups.

At the helm of Fervent Digital are Harinder Rana – Founder and Managing Director, a business leader with vast experience and expertise in experiential marketing across industry focusing on IT, Auto and Consumer Durables; Rahul Bahuguna – Co-founder and CEO, a seasoned strategy management professional possessing extensive experience and expertise in digital marketing; Neelesh K. Rastogi – Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, a strategy and business leader with rich experience and expertise in driving digital transformation across the IT and Telco sector in India; and Kalika Hooja – Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, possessing relevant experience and expertise in brand building, 360-degree experience of creation, campaigns, digital initiatives, and social media as well as online advertising and applications.

The Founders employ six pillars which lays the foundation for success:

  1. Information first, rest will fall in place
  2. Simplify, make things simple
  3. Do one thing, but do it really well
  4. Be direct, open and honest
  5. Be an ambassador of disruption, make the world a better place
  6. Trust, empower and take calculated risks


Fervent Digital’s services and solutions suite are collectively called MaaS (Marketing as a Service). Fervent Digital works smartly to synergize its objectives with that of its clients with the aid of MaaS:

Consulting: When Clients need help figuring out their business goals, developing aligned business strategies and then plotting a defined plan of action.

Sales enablement: A systematic approach that increases sales productivity and success through supporting representatives with the content, training, and analytics that enable them to close deals faster.

Audience alignment: Aligns clients around their optimal target audience to attract, engage, and convert the accounts and individuals that matter most to their business.

Brand services: Fervent curates everything that a client needs to create or understand their own Brand Identity. Starting with research, to ideation, to creation, Fervent owns the process.

Digital and experiential: Creating extraordinary brand experiences across digital, social media, event, and experiential marketing, sponsorship marketing, and employee engagement.

Channel services: Fervent can enable strategic solutions designed to help clients and their channel partners come on board, collaborate, compete and grow together.


Fervent Digital is aiming to be the ‘most trusted and professional service organization’ – a name to be reckoned with and will be digitally integrated within the next two years.

For More Details: www.ferventdigital.com