LivNSense Technologies – BS The 10 Most Admirable Businesses in India 2020

Living Intelligence in Machines

LivNSense is a global IoT startup incubated in 2018 to build IIoT/AI Platform led next-generation digital solutions in Industrial, Energy, and Automotive domains. The company helps clients at various levels of Industry 4.0 in improving productivity, efficiency, optimize processes, and quality across their manufacturing value chain. LivNSense’s Industry 4.0 solutions are enabled by iSense4i™ Platform (Sensors to Insights) to cut across manufacturing industries with a key focus in Automotive and Process Manufacturing.

The company’s IP led solutions are built on in-house developed IIoT platform – iSense4i™ which is provided with on-premises, hybrid, or cloud deployment options with faster time to market and higher ROI to manufacturers. Its solutions are scalable, highly secure and robust that helps improve machine utilization, efficiency, operator productivity, and safety. The platform employs the latest in converging technologies like Mobility, Cloud, AI/ML, Data Science, and Sensors.

Genesis towards Industry 4.0

LivNSense commenced its journey in 2018 in the most conventional manufacturing process – welding. The welding industry has experienced a tectonic shift in technology trends from analog-based power sources to an inverter to digital technology to intelligent equipment and now moving towards Industry 4.0 or Weld 4.0. The company has leveraged IoT technology to make the welding process more intuitive and highly reliable with improved productivity, efficiency, and stabilization of processes.

LivNSense has launched a smart welding management solution, called WELDSENSE™, to target productivity, efficiency, and quality for one of the most convenient equipment in the Industries – Weld Equipment. WELDSENSE™ is aimed at helping the industries move from an ‘automation centric production’ to a ‘knowledge-centric production’. WELDSENSE ™ creates value through machine learning insights – insight into WPS compliant welding quality, production/efficiency, personnel qualifications, consumables, and much more. A balanced combination of hardware, software and platform for a sensor to outcome journey (led by iSense4i™ – a cloud-agnostic Industrial IoT Platform with on-premises, hybrid and cloud deployment options).

 Out-of-the-box Solutions

LivNSense solutions are uniquely crafted to tackle various domains of industries. Having a team of professionals from Product Engineering, Embedded/Industrial Devices, Cloud and Predictive Analytics, the company has conceptualized state-of-the-art solutions.

  • WELDSENSE™: A Smart Welding platform for real-time monitoring of welding equipment, process and consumables, consisting of both Edge and IoT platform solutions. Designed for Automotive, Manufacturing, Construction. Railways, and Shipping Industries. It provides a cost-effective solution to acquire data straight from disparate machines in real-time, comprising of Hardware (Sensors, Gateways), IoT Platform Software, and Predictive Analytics to Visualization. Also available as a retrofit solution.
  • Predictive Maintenance Platform for Chemical and Refinery Plants: iSense4i™ led Real time monitoring of plant performance, process optimization and predictive maintenance of Blast Furnaces with innovative features for deeper analysis into assets reliability, performance and dynamic benchmarking. The solution with its unique “Connector As A Service” can connect to multiple historians for real-time data acquisition. The solution can reduce costs of maintenance by Predicting Plant Efficiency and Revenues Losses to help maximize the productivity and cut down on losses.
  • AI-led Predictive Quality for Paint Shop: Inspection of paint quality in paint shops is conventionally manual, which makes the quality check prone to human errors. LivNSense solution provides an AI-based solution for root causal analysis and predictive analytics of paint defects to improve assembly line performance.
  • VICAS™ [vi-ka-sh] is a comprehensive worker safety solution addressing the safety requirements of civil, commercial and industrial construction industries as well as in the normal world with an objective to address the Blind Zone Risks and improve safety compliance. This is a state-of-art solution for heavy vehicles, as an aftermarket product which is distributed edge and cloud-based Computer Vision/AI solution to improve the visibility and safety in hazardous as well as normal environments.

Innovative iSense4i™

After understanding the pain points of the customers, LivNSense developed iSense4i™ to leverage batch and streaming data with a plugin-based messaging layer, with powerful data-crunching capabilities and rules engine that can be easily customized to deliver revolutionary insights for the industry. iSense4i™ not only plays a mission-critical role for end-user manufacturing and production operations, but also opens up a whole host of Digital Revenue Streams for OEMs, MROs, and EPCs. Since it is highly automated, the deployment is nimble.

The 4 i`s in iSense4i stands for:

  • Intelligent Industrial Platform: to collect, analyze data from multiple devices including legacy systems.
  • Interactive Intelligent Insights: for Industrial Assets and Processes.
  • Immersive: Micro-services led architecture supporting high performance, scalable and adaptable systems.
  • Intuitive: Cognitive Intelligence, Process Data Knowledge Catalog, Intelligent Asset Diagnostics, AI/ML driven scheduler.

Stellar Leadership and Recognition

Priyanka Kumar – Founder and Director is graduate of NIT Durgapur with 20+ years of industry experience in managing AI and Digital platforms, and Ajatashatru Singh – Co-founder and Chief Product Officer is a graduate from NIT Jamshedpur and has more than 25 years of experience in the Embedded, Industrial and IoT sector.

At the helm of LivNSense is Avnish Kumar – Co-Founder and CEO of LivNSense, in India and USA. An MBA from University of Melbourne and Graduate from NIT Durgapur, he has more than 25 years of experience in managing IoT and AI products/solutions from leading IT companies. Avnish has led innovative market focused solutions and built and managed world class Product Engineering Units, COEs, and Practices.

The company has won ‘Aegis Graham Bell Awards’ – Innovation in IoT for WELDSENSE solution and ‘20 Most promising startups’ recognized by CIO Review magazine. Recently, LivNSense has been awarded as 10 Best Start-ups to work for – Bangalore 2019.

Industry 4.0 on Horizon

LivNSense is aiming to provide comprehensive IoT solutions for the digitization of the complete manufacturing sphere and its future innovation would be:

  • Industrial Health and Safety Platform with AI Vision
  • Blockchain in Process Manufacturing, with AR/VR and Vision-Based Solutions
  • End to end Containerized Security for iSense4i Platform
  • Connector as a Service for process manufacturing to realize the vision of Digital Historians
  • AI Vision based Predictive Quality for Welding


LivNSense endeavour is to help manufacturing companies to manage their assets efficiently, improve worker productivity and optimize processes. LiviNSense has differentiated itself in bringing the ability to solve complex business problems and offer cost & revenues maximization drivers to impact business economics for manufacturing industry.