Pros of 5G network in media and entertainment industry

Since Internet has invaded the media and entertainment industry, there has been a proliferation of streaming video platforms, games, online content offering consumers an alternative to broadcast and cable TV in a much effective way than the traditional industries. It gives consumers more options than ever before.

Currently, the media and entertainment industry is bracing for the new wave to hit the market. 5G networks have in development from long and now, it is making its appearance around the globe. It promises better quality video on mobile devices and far more immersive experiences, among other benefits. While it is still in infancy in terms of 5G maturity, and certainly, the sport seems like an obvious area that can benefit hugely from higher 5G data speeds and flexibility as there are more sports enthusiasts around the globe constantly demanding a higher quality of video streaming.

The shift toward mobile video and the evolution toward higher resolution are putting pressure on current networks and degrading video experiences is its result. The quality of streaming video on a mobile device is one of the main criteria influencing consumer satisfaction before choosing the network provider. Video load times can be sluggish, midstream stops and stutters and connections often have trouble coping with higher-resolution formats, affecting the experience of the user.

A key component of the 5G technology package is the ability of the network to support many more concurrent connections than current 4G networks. 5G offers more than just incremental enhancements over 4G. It promises, among other things, data speeds as much as 100 times faster than 4G, 50 times lower latency, 100 times more network capacity, and significantly more reliable connections.

The 5G era is expected to flow to those organizations that are most capable of embracing its opportunities. Future-ready media companies would make delivery of high-quality video streaming experiences to customers as their vital strategy with a 5G network to win the game.