Solution 4U – BS 10 Next Generation Companies to Watch 2020

Shaping the Ideas in Plastic

Incorporated in January 2003 Solution 4U is one of the prominent manufacturers in India for plastic products & assembly . They offer various services such as product design & development, prototype , mass/commercial  manufacturing & post assembly. . The vast industrial experience enriches the products they manufacture for their clients. Solution 4U bridges the gap between the development of product and commercial mass manufacturing process as well as provide technical support and understanding. Only a handful of companies are capable of offering such services with a sound technical background and more than 30 years of experience in the industry. The wide range of products and services offered are highly acclaimed by the vast client-base they have, garnering an immense appreciation across the nation and international customer. The services enable their customers to stay in tune with technological advancements.

Solution 4U believes that ideas are not for monopoly but for overall growth. They shape product ideas in and around plastic. The company serves professional companies as well as individuals with the same zeal and efforts. Technical support is provided from the concept stage to the production stage to bring the new idea into the market. Most of the new product developed by the company has been tried and tested with different 3D printing technology and prototyping process, so any possible error highlighted in the initial stage can we corrected to avoid multiple trials. This unique approach adds value to a customer’s ROI for development and improves profitability.

During the initial years concept of product design, prototype and pilot tooling was still new and not popular in the country. Most companies imported the samples and did not invest in Research and Development. This period continued till 2008. Clients were not convinced of the products developed in India whereas foreign countries like the USA, UK, Canada were giving a good response to Solution 4U. Solution 4U then developed a practice to do failure analysis and take preventive measures for the product to avoid big incurring costs and time , as the reputation of the company was at stake. Their practices were well received by new companies as the process had many advantages in the development cycle of the products and this widespread awareness benefited companies all over the world.

Solution 4U holds exhibitions, seminars, and learning sessions to market their expertise in the industry. Their core team has been unchanged for the last ten years and the clients they currently work with, have an association with Solution 4U from the last five years and more. They support the ideas of the clients by offering them the flexibility of payment and infrastructure until the product is sold in the market. This unique approach builds trust with the clients and the calculated risk brings more business. Since their team has more experience and a sound understanding of the product cycle, they still believe in learning through new projects which keep improving their quality of work. Solution 4U builds on its failure and grow through it.

Over the years, the industry has matured and the number of products and tools is available at a very competitive price. Solution 4U lent their insights to the young entrepreneurs and helps them through various processes. They encourage new ideas and support new companies through the initial stage until the companies enter the markets. The role they play in helping preparations and financial planning has proved to be vital for many companies to be successful and sustain themselves in a short amount of time. Solution 4U believes in the overall growth of the community and hence, they are happy to see more and more companies are entering the market of product development which will increase entrepreneurship, new companies and generate employment.

Solution 4U was founded by Mr. Saumil Khandwala. He is a Plastic Engineer and has done management studies from Mumbai. Mr. Saumil’s family has a background in the plastic industry since 1975 which gave him vast experience in plastic manufacturing of products, tools, assemblies and decorations of products as an OEM supplier. In-house manufacturing facilities and experience has given him insights about futuristic problems. The analysis of which resulted in product feasibility.

Mr. Saumil prefers to have the first meeting with clients. He understands all the inquiries and then decides the way forward for a process, material, and technical possibility. He likes to understand the requirements of the client personally. He also provides a professional opinion about the feasibility of product development. Until the client is satisfied, only then he begins trails.

Solution 4U is working to open new divisions and implementing automation to build a new library on new and future products.

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