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Even with the utmost care and tender handling of the devices, they are prone to damage, internal or external. Operating System malfunctions or certain functions do not work they are meant to work. The devices can go haywire at any moment without any prior notice. What if you are running for an important meeting or a pending task needs to be submitted and the deadline is approaching fast, at that moment your device goes off the track. Such troubles are getting common and if not everyday occurrences. As more and more workload is shifting towards devices and the introduction of Cloud to access that information via any devices, it has become imperative to keep the devices trouble-free.

Although, devices go haywire every now and then. Whether internal: OS or apps or, simply external damage, Totoodo is the company offering repairs and services for fixing all branded smartphones, tablets and laptops as well. Not only do they repair devices but also refurbish smartphones, tablets, laptops, and MacBook. Totoodo is into selling branded mobile and laptop accessories too.

They have a dedicated team of engineers who are working uninterruptedly to repair the devices. The vast technical knowledge of the team is shared through in-depth training sessions and courses covering the whole spectrum of technical and management. They also offer training on maintaining the gadget repair center.

Totoodo is a chain of multi-branded gadget repair centers which are trusted across major cities like Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad which specialize in providing hardware and software repair services of all branded smartphones, tablets and laptops. They are the largest and most trusted service center in these regions with 30plus stores spread across Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Andhrapradesh and Telangana.

Totoodo’s journey began in June of 2013 with two stores in Bengaluru and one in Chennai. Back then, they were only focusing on mobile and tablet repairing. In 2014, the company grew and opened 15 stores in Bengaluru. They observed the expansion of territories as well as services in 2015 when they introduced an online repair service throughout the cities. ‘We Pick; We fix; We Deliver,’ is the online service they provide for hassle-free repairs. It enabled customers to free their schedules as the company picked up the device and delivered it after repairing. Acquiring new stores in Hyderabad, Vijaywada and Vizag bare testament to their vision. It was also the year ‘SME Excellence in customer satisfaction’, KSMBOA (Karnataka Small and Medium Business Owners Association) was bestowed on them.

Their journey started with smartphone repair and started adding tablet, laptop and macbook repairs along with bulk refurbishment services for corporates to their service basket and the recent addition is LED TV repair. Further to go ahead Totoodo is planning to introduce Gaming console and DSLR repair services to compliment their existing set of services. In the span of last 3 years Totoodo received two awards and one recognition: ‘Best Smartphone service center’ from the Times Group; ‘Retailer of the year’, from CMO Asia: ‘One of the top 20 promising refurbishment companies in India’, as recognition by Silicon India Magazine.

Totoodo was founded, in 2013 in Bengaluru with a vision ‘to become a pioneer in providing service solution for New Age Mobile Technology’. Mr Rajesh Palla – Managing Director He is an engineer with more than 12 years of managerial and operational experience in various MNCs.The culture Rajesh has maintained in his company relies on sharing and hearing. The knowledge collectively is passed down through various levels of the company and he also expects the solutions to come from all levels of his company. He practices an open-door policy and flat hierarchy. This enables employees at any level of the organization to call on CEO any time they wish to have a word. Also, Totoodo’s operational managers encourage employees to share their thoughts and they report it to the CEO.

Totoodo employs unique strategies to overcome various challenges and gain an edge over their competitors. One such policy is No-Fix – No-Fee strategy. After the estimate of the repair is calculated and the customer does not feel to repair the device, they do not even charge a penny. Another policy they engage while working is testing 32 features of the smartphone for rigorous quality checks before handing over the phone to the customer.

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