Tranzlease Holdings – BS The 10 Most Admirable Businesses in India 2020

Get Your Dream Car, Intelligently!

 Tranzlease is one of the fastest-growing automobile leasing and new age Mobility Solutions Company in India. Their motto is – ‘If it’s your car, It’s TranzLease.’ Currently, the market is saturated with automobiles and hence, there is a need for research before choosing a dream car. The various aspects involved in the research are budgeting as per income levels, vehicle usage trends, traveling patterns, maintenance costs, resale value considerations, fuel consumption, etc. must be taken into account. The responsibility lies with individuals to scout the market sources for the right car manufacturer, the authentic financier, the right insurance company, etc.

Tranzlease is the one-stop destination for the potential buyer. They are a dedicated company for all vehicle-related consumer needs of the Indian car buyer such as research, procurement, consulting, funding, insurance, proper maintenance and disposal and a host of other related products and services. A potential customer does not need to look any further as Tranzlease adequately communicates all the valuable information about various features under one roof and packages all the requirements into a comprehensive EMI. In December 2019, TranzLease along with ICICI Bank Limited has jointly launched SMART EMI which is a next gen auto loan with in-built mobility solutions – SMART EMI blends the best features of auto loan, auto lease and car subscription model into a perfect fit for the Indian car buyer – this marks the Company’s entry into the retail consumer segment. TranzLease is also in discussions with various car manufacturers for roll out of the SMART EMI option for cars of major brands with Honda being the first to officially roll out the product in all its dealerships.

Tranzlease was founded in 2006 when Anindya – Founder and Managing Director observed a growing Indian automobile industry and market. “For TranzLease, I wish to build a brand that will be synonymous in the minds of the Indians when it comes to cars,” conveys the first-generation entrepreneur who had a passion for cars since childhood. With the appropriate mix of passion and education, Anindya set off on his entrepreneurial journey. He is a Chartered Accountant by profession. Apart from this perfect blend, Anindya also enjoys multiple hobbies. He is a self-taught interior designer, sketch artist, chess player, occasional poet and a keen student of psychology. However, sports cars and martial arts retain his intense interest. Full contact Kickboxing, Goju Riyo karate, and weapons are martial arts he practices.

Anindya’s mantra is, ‘if it is right, then do it; imagine the future, define it and deliver it today.’ A charismatic leader, he heads the company which has steeped in values of transparency, loyalty and niche products that create industry benchmarks by using his core strength which lies in developing ideas into structured products and marketing the same in a manner that suits customer requirements.

“TranzLease, for me, was passion, education, and aspiration in a combined platform. Passion because of cars, education because of my CA qualification and aspiration to become a CEO came from my I-Banking days – as an I Banker you raise funds and make valuation for others; I felt it would be nice to be on the other side of the table. Guess am lucky that instead of just being in business because you seek a money-making opportunity, I went to business in a line that I really like and that really fits me; sometimes it seems that it would have been easier being in tech business or in an e-commerce platform business and have fancy valuations, but that is not me. I do what I like to do and what I can do really good,” Anindya articulates his thoughts on starting a successful company. He does not prefer to follow any successful CEOs globally but chooses creative instinct guided by values.

Anindya has flourished an open culture which is more like consulting, and employees are not merely employees but like family members because his grand vision is not to become the biggest or the largest organization but to be the best without compromising a single inch of values the company was founded on. The biggest strength of Tranzlease is the extensive experience, senior management, and technical platform. Tranzlease’s CIO has been awarded the best CIO award in India.

“Setting up a capital-intensive business with low capital and the billion-dollar competition is risky. We focused on our belief that if you can give good service and offer products that are appreciated you will be able to build a foothold. So, every pressure situation was considered as an opportunity, and many of our products were actually built as we could not offer what the competition was offering – so we changed, we innovated and consumers liked our products,” Anindya talks about the challenges and how he navigated through.

As TranzLease is transforming from a B2B traditional leasing company to a B2C Automotive Mobility Solutions provider, the market can expect a lot many interesting and innovative products from them that creates an Automotive Lifestyle for the Indian car buyer.