Trends in Real Estate market

Real Estate market is experiencing the effects of economic slowdown and with the waves of slow growth rate, the trends in the real estate market are as follows:


A slow growing market is not affecting the prices and rates in the real estate market. In fact, the rates may increase in some regional markets. The customers expected the slow moving market would curb the prices but it is 180-degree to their expectations. Some markets are experiencing curb while others are continuing to move upward. Rates in some major cities such as Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Hyderabad are still ascending and are not likely to come down for potential investors.

Loan Deals

Various institutions are engaged in kick starting the growth rate in the country. The RBI is one of those institutions which is actively pursuing the goal to boost economic growth and hence, the efforts are being made in providing home loan deals. However, the data shows that the differences between rates banks lend money from the RBI and the rate at which they lend it to buyers is highest since 2012. Since banks play a crucial role in reviving the economy, the banks may bridge this gap in 2020 and ensure the buyers get cheaper credit and thereby, jump start the economic growth.

More Housing Units

With the launch of the RERA – Real Estate Regulatory Authority, the developers are more keen on completing their on-going projects. For launches of the new projects, the developers are likely to get help from the Government of India. This will overall boost the housing units’ number throughout the country.

Shift to Second Tier Cities

As major cities are overcrowded already and the prices are soaring for land acquisition, the developers and builders are shifting to second tier cities. This move will help the economy as investments at affordable prices would flow again.