Mango farmers likely to suffer due to outbreak

As the supply chain of the world is affected due to the virus outbreak, the farmers are likely to suffer as 40 percent of mango crops are produced for export. The fresh fruit transport will hit farmers hard. The novel virus has wreaked a havoc in India and abroad which is also affecting summer fruit mango. The fruit has huge demand in the Gulf, European countries, and the US, especially Indians who are working there but due to covid-19, the exporters are unable to send mangoes abroad.

India retains 60 percent of the total production and with the supply chain down, the exports this year is likely to suffer. The season of mangoes is beginning and the Agriculture produce market committee (APMC) receives three to four thousand boxes daily for export. When the season is at its peak, it is not unusual for APMC to receive 1 lakh boxes every day in the coming 15 to 20 days. If the state of the supply chain remains the same in the next few days, the produce will severely affect the farmers.

As farmers invest a lot in mangoes and the fruit is higher in demand abroad, it fetches the prices for the investment made. Hence, it is imperative for India to export mangoes to avoid severe losses. At the present moment, the export is completely shut off via air while the other option is the sea, but the sea voyage takes a long time to deliver the supplies.

In gulf countries, the ship first goes to Dubai and then, the goods are transported to other countries by road. Since the countries have closed their doors, the situation looks worse for the mango market.