Next Generation Leadership Quality – BS 10 Next Generation Companies to Watch 2020


With the growth of new tools like artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, and automation, a new system is developing for future leaders. The era is of changing technologies and some might become outdated overnight. The products and services are rapidly changing; therefore, it is important for leaders of the future to have a vision and strong sense of navigation to steer their businesses in the right direction as per the requirements and dynamic market. Profits and retention of customers will still be a priority in the coming years but the vision to think beyond these needs will decide the course for next-generation entrepreneurs. Hence, the capabilities of the next generation leaders are listed below:


With ever-changing technologies comes the need for adaptability. The companies that will incorporate these technologies will reap the benefit of reaching wide customers across the globe, efficient practices, time and cost-effective methods, and fast-paced growth. A leader with a vision would adopt these technologies to improve the quality of the products or services. The overall adaptiveness would solely rely on the choices of a leader and hence, the leader should possess the quality to adapt and implement the changes.

New Solutions

The companies around the world work on predetermined strategies and paths. The only job of the past leaders was to improve efficiency, improve the existing processes, and work out the quality of the products or services they were offering. However, future leaders will have to work out completely different solutions than what is already being employed. With change accelerating, there is a need to create new solutions to meet the requirements of evolving markets and industries. Thinking of new solutions will become a valuable asset of future leaders and thereby, shape the impact of changes.

Employees’ Training

Since the employees of the organization are the backbone, it will become important to upgrade their knowledge to the latest standards. Investing time and money on employees’ training will propel the firms to new heights. Next-generation leaders will have to arrange training sessions more frequently to keep the company ahead in the competition. Eventually, these leaders will make their employees a significant asset of their corporations.

Keen Understanding

Future leaders will not have to do everything by themselves as technologies would do repetitive and everyday tasks with ease. However, it will become more important that these leaders should possess a keen understanding of the technologies and how it works. With the capabilities, applications, and future prospects of the technologies, future leaders will have to know all of these potentials. Irrespective of the niche, every business is getting involved with technologies.

Merging People and Technologies

The advancement of technologies is influencing the working culture everywhere but it will be a long after the only machine will handle everything. The need for people will always be there in the industries to manage various tasks. The future leaders must understand how to delegate between people and machines to maximizes the output. The integration between people and machines will define how an organization proceeds in the new world.


The technologies will disrupt the working of an organization, only a determined leader would be able to pull the company out of the chaos and thrive in unknown conditions. Observing the trends in the industries, future leaders will have to prepare to walk through the fires every day and still lead the businesses to victory.