G. Rammohan, Selva K (Skyrams) – BS Best Performing Companies 2020

21st Century Advertising Solutions

With digital transformation dominating industries and revolutionizing the trends, there are numerous niches where businesses are slowly being digitized. From their working processes to their employee hiring processes, everything is gradually being transformed. The advertising industry was among the few domains that incorporated the digital transformation at an early stage. The advertising sector is growing at a drastic rate bringing brands to life via traditional as well as digital methodologies. In today’s tech-dominated world, businesses can barely survive without advertising their brand identity. It is essential for businesses today to identify agencies that provide high-quality services and one such agency is Skyrams Outdoor Advertisings India Pvt Limited. The transformation of a service or product into a brand is a slow one, and an advertising agency assumes the fundamental role in driving this change. The transformation is achieved by imparting the brand’s character and making consumers mindful of what the brand brings to the table, alongside its advantages. If the campaign effort is solid and fruitful, consumers construct a relationship with the brand and the value that they derive from it.

Being India’s leading Outdoor advertising company, Skyrams gives a complete solution for Outdoor Advertising and promoting the brand/product in outdoor media. Offering its customers, the comfort and adequacy of managing a single source of contact that can promote their prestigious brands across Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy and all over Tamil Nadu by reaching out to an extensive market. The company strives hard to set up campaigns that are effective while finding new innovative ways to reduce the time taken to build a relationship between consumers and brands.

Shaping the Journey

Incorporated in the year 2015, Skyrams is a forward-looking Outdoor Advertising Agency based out of Chennai. It began its journey with a clear vision to provide clients with more than just ad-space and to be able to achieve that the company worked hard as a team to strategize and innovate outdoor advertising. Outdoor advertising has been an unorganized business in the minds of many; to break that mindset within the organization, amongst the company’s stakeholders, as well as customers, Skyrams had to efficiently and effectively strategize its approach. Also, the presence of umpteen number of illegal media options has been a constant challenge to address.

Focusing on supporting clients interests and needs; Skyrams has also been the pioneer in the industry to bring about Digital transformation of OOH Media in TamilNadu. Embarking on an alluring journey of DOOH they have established 30 LED billboards comprising 720 slots in Coimbatore and are in the process of erecting a 100 more across Chennai providing an uplift to marketing and carrying advertising to the next level.

Mr. G. Rammohan – Director, and Mr. Selva Kumar – Director, founded the company in 2015 as they knew that the advertising industry is evolving quickly and brands would need a new model that serves the changing needs of both commercials and content creation. Mr. Rammohan has more than two decades of experience in the advertising sector and has driven a diverse group of professionals to set up Skyrams as a pioneer in OOH Advertising. His knowledge and expertise bring diversity to Skyrams’ vision of formation, both internally and externally. He holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration. Whereas Mr. Selva – with a combination of strong technical expertise and entrepreneurial mindset has involved himself in organizing creative advertising campaigns for a wide range of clients. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology (IT) and a Masters from the United Kingdom.

A Step Ahead in the Competition

Skyrams gains an edge over competitors by incorporating the following strategies:

  • Communicative Group of Creatives: The capacity to effectively communicate is one of the essential characteristics of an advertising agency and holds the key for exceptional joint efforts.
  • Data-Driven: Being the right agency by having a detailed analysis of the ins and outs of prospects and ad-spaces.
  • Professionalism: The company employs a dedicated balance between meeting deadlines, keeping quality, and taking feedback constructively.
  • Passionate People: The company is fueled by passion for Outdoor and the science of advertising to boost brands.

Skyrams strives to bring demand for its clients’ products or services with a structured form of connection between Skyrams and the clients. It understands clients’ objectives and inspirations and then distinguishing the way towards accomplishing those objectives through an essential and professional advertisement campaign. Skyrams provides more than just space for advertising; the company ensures that the brands of its clients stay with the customers and has a decisive impact.

Out-Of-Home Holistic Solutions

Skyrams offers a wide variety of OOH (Out-Of-Home) advertising solutions. Creation of the Captivating Content, Designing Advertisements and various Ad-Spaces including Billboards, Digital LED Billboards, Pole Kiosks and Bus-Stop Shelters in Coimbatore, Trichy, Chennai and all across Tamil Nadu.

Not all the spaces that customers see around are legally acquired; however, the company strictly adhere to keeping par with the Industry Standards and the authorities to make sure that the company’s ad-spaces are lawfully acquired. Skyrams is in a constant endeavour to implement the latest technology not only for advertising purposes but they work with local authorities on a cause to create social-messages and spread awareness.

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