Chad Burmeister ( – BS Best Performing CEO to Watch in 2020

Proffering Unprecedented Advantage with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most discussed topic which is making big waves in the industry. The AI is bringing disruption in every niche. Slowly and steadily, it is gaining presence and will soon automate most of the mundane activities an organization goes through, enabling the firm to focus on core points that will help an organization to grow and expand its reach. Business Development is no exception to the disruption and to address the changing times, was incorporated in the year 2017. Formerly known as SalesHack, the company was swiftly changed to as some of the team players at SalesHack merged with

A leader in AI for sales, will continue to deliver value for its customers as well as investors by leveraging and creating the best AI solutions for Sales technology in the industry to create the most pipeline and revenue in the shortest amount of time. leverages artificial intelligence to drive much of the business from sourcing data, to executing outbound email and social, and pipeline acceleration.

Astounding Journey

Originally called SalesHack, the name is derived from Chad Burmeister’s – CEO and Founder of ScaleX, the first book going under the same name published on August 27, 2015. The company began its journey in 2017 with a mission to aid sales professionals to increase revenue by focusing on the only two things that matter in sales – increasing frequency and competency.

The idea of starting the company first appeared when Mr. Burmeiste was at Sr. Director of Global Sales Development at the leader in Unified Communications as a service. “As I staffed a team from a dozen reps to well over one-hundred, I learned that human behavior is to focus on the easy things of the job and kick the can on the hard parts.  This led to the discovery that AI can take on the easy parts (data, digital – email, social) and automate the hard parts of the job (making dials) so that sales professionals can do more of what’s hard, and AI/bots can do more of what’s easy,” says Mr. Burmeiste.

Presently, retains a team of three Business Development Representatives who has more than 10 years of experience in sales, a handful of resellers and four-five sales associates.

Navigating through Fires

As the firstborn, there were a lot of expectations riding on Mr. Burmeiste’s shoulders. Being a son of a Doctor, he was expected to possess strong work ethics and garner good grades. “I didn’t disappoint and for the first in 10-15 years of my sales career, I thought that exceeding a certain income target should be the goal of sales as opposed to lining up my talents to what I was good at or passionate about. Once achieving a fairly high-income target and realizing that there is more to life than achieving financial success is when I made a move into sales leadership.  At WebEx, in 2005, I became a Regional Sales Manager,” says Mr. Burmeiste.

He has taken on several challenging roles and successfully navigated the sales teams at companies such as Riverbed Technology, ON24, ConnectAndSell, and RingCentral. Mr. Burmeiste was the Founding Chapter President of the AA-ISP Silicon Valley Chapter which was voted two years in a row as “Chapter of the Year”, Director of AA-ISP Frontline Friday, and Colorado Chapter President to help advance the profession of inside sales to the next level of professionalism and performance.

“As an Entrepreneur, I am less risk-averse than most people. Having recently attended the Maple Summit ski and snowboard event in Nelson, B.C., Canada, I found that this trait was shared across all 48 CEOs in attendance. This is a two-edged sword. Although success often requires a certain level of risk tolerance that your peers aren’t comfortable with, you have to balance decisions with sound judgment,” Mr. Burmeiste asserts. “Learning the art of making good investment decisions is a key challenge that I’ve had to overcome, and continue to focus on becoming better at the focusing on the ROI of those investments,” he adds further.

Mr. Burmeiste is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University with an MS in Computer Information Sciences, 4.0 GPA. An avid skier who enjoys helping sales professionals build a career in sales, Mr. Burmeiste has also authored four books so far. He lives by the adage – ‘Work hard, Play hard.’

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