Syed S Ahmed (TechInvention Lifecare Pvt. Ltd) – Elite League Of Innovative Entrepreneur 2020

Enabling access to high-quality Healthcare Essentials irrespective of Geography, Ethnicity, and Class

Healthcare is the most basic requirement of any human, whether it is a developing country or developed country. It is the backbone of any nation, and the right of every human being. While developed countries enjoy unfettered access to high-quality healthcare, developing nations have a long way to go to honor this right. There is always a shortage of skilled medical staff, funding, and infrastructure. The most significant roadblock tends to be access to novel vaccines and therapeutics at affordable prices. However, none of these challenges should preclude any individual from accessing affordable healthcare in times of need.

After repeatedly experiencing the unfortunate yet inescapable reality that access to good health is all too often a function of birth, economic class, race, ethnicity and gender, Mr Syed S. Ahmed, CEO & Director, founded Techinvention Lifecare, to make a difference in the world.

Techinvention Lifecare began with a mission to bring about global health equity by making essential vaccines and biopharmaceuticals acceptable, affordable and accessible in the developing world. Techinvention offers expertise and support to companies and organizations of all sizes from start-ups to giants, as well as life sciences investors and particularly academia.

Driving an Exceptional Success

Nelson Mandela said, "Health cannot be a question of income; it is a fundamental right". Mr Ahmed lives this belief.  He has more than two decades of experience in playing many crucial roles in pharma and biotech companies. After embarking on his entrepreneurial journey, he was instrumental in establishing a robust vaccine access infrastructure from scratch through innovative strategies and business models in over forty countries across the globe.

Mr Ahmed's work made him realize the impetus for a keystone organization that would integrate companies with different specialties to support successful project outcomes in the vaccines and biotech space, including product development, engineering, manufacturing, clinical research and regulatory. His work also brought about a painful and persistent reminder of the lack of equity in the world, particularly in healthcare. He believes novel prophylactics and therapeutics should not be the privilege of affording few.

His need to make a meaningful dent in the status quo led him to start Techinvention Lifecare in 2016 with the 'Concept to Commercialization' approach to all the projects. Among Techinvention's wins are the first such state-of-the-art lab – BSL3 Lab for Vaccine Development & Research – was initiated in 2016 and completed in 2017 at Managua, Nicaragua. Another such magnificent project was at Hacettepe University in Ankara which Techinvention supported from designing to commissioning. Techinvention also provided critical technology for manufacturing the first vaccine at the pilot scale in Turkey. Mr Ahmed is working on  incorporating quite a few other socio-economic vaccine initiatives to the company's global firsts.

Stalwart Entrepreneur

The biggest challenge is the absence of an ecosystem in developing countries which include a shortage of skilled technical human resources and access to funding and hence, it is essential to ensure locally manufactured products are affordable in compliance with the highest standards.

"Our approach to these challenges is to enable the set-up of an all-encompassing ecosystem rather than just the project. Our commitment and purpose, our 24x7 work ethic, our technical domain expertise and emphasis on continued R&D across the value chain, have led to long term relationships with customers who trust us implicitly," asserts Mr Ahmed.

"We are committed to supporting indigenous vaccine and biologics capacity building for the development and manufacture of essential and innovative biotech products - vaccines and biopharmaceuticals for the developing world. In essence, our services cover the complete spectrum from 'Concept to Commercialization'. Our team of domain experts delivers and manages essential outsourced services. We provide our expert consultation and services at every stage per customer needs and requirements," he adds further.

Acceptable, Affordable, & Accessible Offerings

Techinvention Lifecare is a specialist in offering expertise and support to companies by employing its unparalleled domain knowledge and proven track records. From beginning to end, the company supports that address the exact needs of the clients in vaccines and biosimilar sphere. Its customer-driven services include:

  • Project feasibility reports
  • Project Planning & Management
  • Technology Tie-ups
  • Design & engineering
  • QMS, WHO PQ Support
  • Technology transfer
  • Clinical Research
  • Licensing of vaccines/biotech products in developing countries

TechInvention is currently quite active in Research and Development projects in the diagnosis and prophylaxis of COVID19. These are in addition to the other ongoing initiatives to diagnose and prevent other infectious diseases that adversely impact the developing world.

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