Alain Attias (Bay Brigde Digital) – Business Sight’s Revolutionary CEOs in 2020

A game changing company

There is an unprecedented disruption in the business world as the novel technologies are paving the way towards the future. Given the massive volume of data, enhanced business operations, and the ever-increasing demand of customers, the traditional business practices, processes, and models are getting obsolete at a rapid pace. One of the prime movers is the digital transformation. Because of the complexity of emerging business models and operations, businesses around the world are shifting to digital as they risk falling behind if they opt-out. Technologies have enabled businesses to accelerate revenue growth, reinvent customer experience, increase productivity and efficiency, and take risks driven by real-time data. Brands are reinventing their business models and operations to stay ahead of the steep competition. As these technological solutions help businesses in innovating processes, numerous players are emerging in the market and one such fine firm is BayBridgeDigital which augments the digital transition and helps businesses to gain an edge over their competitors.

BayBridgeDigital is a game-changing software company with a new hybrid model that helps customers on their digital transformation journey via a suite of industry-focus applications on the Salesforce platform. The company bridges brands, technology, and people through digital transformation to create new growth, enhanced customer experiences, and business value faster. BayBridgeDigital is an ISV and a Consulting Partner of Salesforce with offices strategically located in New York, London, Paris, and a Technology Hub in Tel Aviv.

A Visionary Persona

The company was incorporated on a simple but disruptive idea, a novel approach to connecting people and technology by a Cloud pioneer Alain Attias – CEO & Co-founder of BayBridgeDigital. Alain Attias is passionate about the cloud. He makes change happen in enterprise software, and is excited about the future. This mentality and approach to making technology stronger each day is why he’s a pioneer and a visionary.

As CEO of BayBridgeDigital, Attias’s chief goal is to help organizations embrace the latest industrial revolution and to ensure that the company's strong focus on driving the Digital Transformation by achieving business value faster endures. He is also tasked with nurturing brightest and visionary employees by utilizes his immense experience in developing new talents in the digital sphere.

As a leader, he’s also is committed to making BayBridgeDigital a diverse and inclusive workplace and extended his commitment to giveback activities. He supports health and educational organizations that affirm a similar engagement to equality and diversity.

With over two decades of professional experience in the technology industry, Attias has spearheaded major Cloud and digital transformations. Before embarking on his last entrepreneurial journey, he served as a senior executive at Salesforce. At Salesforce, he led the Customer Success and Growth – including advisory, innovation and strategic services for Europe and Emerging Markets. Alain Attias was the founder and CEO of Kerensen, the cloud consulting pioneer, acquired by Salesforce in 2015.

Alain Attias holds an MBA in Digital and Innovation from the Telecom-School of Management, France. He also holds an advanced degree in Management from La Sorbonne University and a certificate in Design Thinking from Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Unparalleled Innovative Software and hybrid model

Developed under the leadership of an astute developer – Mr. Attias – BayBridgeDigital’s retail industry solution software – Bayretail is a state-of-the-art cloud software. The software brings businesses to the New Retail Era by providing a 360° view of their customers and their teams as well as unified commerce platform. Since the company is an end-to-end digital enabler that supports clients from strategy to the execution on Salesforce and also helps its clients to envision digital transformation, redesign their processes and build customer-centric approaches, Bayretail was developed with that focus. The software is a one-to-one retail industry solution.

BayBridgeDigital is uniquely positioned as an industry-specific platform for digital transformation,” sates Alain Attias. “Our full suite of cloud, mobile software combined with our hybrid model is transforming the entire industry: we bring online and in-store revenue growth together”.

Future Landscape

Under the leadership of Mr. Attias, BayBridgeDigital is focusing on incorporating new features and innovations to its offerings. These features and innovations will be instrumental in becoming the “one-stop-shop” retail industry solution on Salesforce. The company is also looking to expand its footprint across the world and have a global presence.

“Our customers are transforming their companies with industry-specific cloud and mobile software – and achieving incredible business results. The success of our clients underscores our commitment to delivering best-in-class industry-cloud software for our customers and partners,” stated Alain Attias.

In addition to being on the forefront of innovation, BayBridgeDigital will certainly inspire many other companies with its new digital hybrid model and as it has made philanthropy a central part of its value system.