Ashish Mehta (PatientClick) – Business Sight’s Revolutionary CEOs in 2020

Modernizing Patient Care & Transforming Telemedicine Industry

PatientClick is revolutionizing the way in which the healthcare industry provides services especially in the United States and around the world. PatientClick is devoted to solving the most pressing issue that the healthcare industry faces that is a shortage of physicians and clinicians. Also, there are issues in actively communicating with patients and difficulty in engaging the patients. Through its software, PatientClick is resolving all these problems and transforming the industry to deliver the highest quality services.

Astounding Journey

The Affordable Care Act pushed healthcare organizations to reinvent their services and delivery more effectively as well as affordably. This led to the adoption of modern technologies and telemedicine and medical record electronic health records (EMR-EHR) became a major driving factor. Mr. Ashish Mehta – CEO of PatientClick, leveraged the opportunity and developed software to help physicians or clinicians to keep medical data in a tabular format. This information could be exchanged or shared among doctors and patients via electronic devices. “Healthcare today is built on data which can support population health management and analytics to improve outcomes. Structured data which is discrete and codified, has become essential for a healthcare institute,” asserts Mr. Ashish.

Under his leadership, the company assists clinical and ambulatory care facilities. Mr. Ashish has enabled the people, process, and technology to connect seamlessly on an application that allows access to a web-based multi-platform such as laptops, smartphones, etc. The application is easy to navigate and also has customizable dashboards, patient portal, and is equipped with communication tools. Mr. Ashish had allowed the healthcare providers to optimize appointment reminders, payment collection, and patient engagement in all-in-one software. This software helps various institutions to provide patient care without losing revenue or practice efficiency.

With his dynamic leadership, Mr. Ashish has put the PatientClick as one of the fastest-growing companies in the world and its software is one-of-its-kind. PatientClick has been headquartered in San Diego, California, and has been offering its SaaS solutions for many years. Physicians prefer to use PatientClick’s software because the company manages all the technical implications of handling, operating, and maintaining the system. Mr. Ashish is now keen on expanding the company’s services to serve most specialties in the industry.

Visionary Leadership

Mr. Ashish had understood, prepared, and envisioned for current happenings around the around well before years. The healthcare sector is changing drastically as access to care will be most vital in the post-Covid-19 world. The world has seen all the normal ways of life changed. Work from home, social distancing, unnecessary travel, etc., are now part of life. The healthcare industry is overcoming challenges to connect and coordinate care with patients as digital forms are becoming more popular.

For the past few years, PatientClick has been an active supporter and a pioneer in providing telemedicine technology solutions. “Psychiatry and Psychologist have been first in line who adopt the electronic pathway to connect with patients remotely using technology. Our technology team worked diligently on ‘How to make patient experience effortless’ and accommodate the provider's workflow for better care.  Reimbursement has been always a big challenge for provider offices, what code to use, any modifiers, etc., for US billing which we developed a strong handbook to help clients to go live soon and bill insurance payers with 99% success rate,” states Mr. Ashish.

Laudable Recognitions & Achievements

Mr. Ashish’s unparalleled efforts translated into PatientClick being recognized as Gold Standard in telemedicine technology. It has been featured in professional journals like Healthcare Innovations, CIO Outlook, Telemedicine journals, Cleveland Crain’s, etc.

Dynamic Entrepreneur

“With PatientClick’s web-based technology, it is easy to reach out to patients beyond the geographical boundaries of a medical office in a faster and cost-effective manner,” claims Mr. Ashish. PatientClick’s platform enables patients to engage with a care provider via virtual consultation and also, it enables healthcare providers to communicate through a secured telemedicine interface and share documents or reports related to the patient’s diagnosis. Mr. Ashish has ensured that patients can also securely communicate with medical staff to understand the preventative plan of action which is drafted based on their age and current health issues.

As the telemedicine industry is growing at a fast pace and becoming an integral part of the healthcare sector, Mr. Ashish is paving his path to expand the company’s services to several countries. He is also ensuring that the PatientClick’s platform is affordable and high-quality. Utilizing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to build the application, Mr. Ashish had enabled healthcare providers to make a better-informed decision based on overall information about a patient. The physicians are able to exchange the health information because the software is certified to use as Continuity of Care Document (CCD) and Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) standards.

Mr. Ashish has served as an ambassador for World Trade Center in Cleveland and he is also an advisory board member, executive, and project engineer in various sectors such as healthcare, renewable energy, petrochemicals, Information Technology, and business consulting.