Bogdan Nedelcu (Intelligent Locations) – Business Sight’s Revolutionary CEOs in 2020

The healthcare industry and advancement in medical information technology go hand in hand. To serve mankind more efficiently, some IT companies are focused on creating cutting edge technology that will help healthcare systems and medical professionals work proficiently. Intelligent Locations is one such company.

Intelligent locations is a determined company that uses an IoT (Internet of Things) technology to provide healthcare institutions and organizations with data and insights. This data is generated by monitoring and analysing people, assets and processes. Why Intelligent Locations created such a platform? To solve issues of inefficiency, price and accessibility in the healthcare industry.

Intelligent Locations - The Platform

Intelligent Locations is a secure tracking software powered by cloud and Bluetooth Low Energy technologies. This ground-breaking technology end-to-end platform can be used to track and report equipment, people, entryways, room temperature and indoor environment. It uses coin-sized beacons placed on equipment, assets and patients which will be tracked by gateway devices that are plugged into AC outlets. For tracking, analytics and insights along with key performance indicators, a user-friendly HIPAA-compliant app has been developed with a web-based interface.

Is it safe and secure to use? Absolutely. The entire platform is cloud-based which can only be accessed through WiFi SSID and is password protected. The entire platform can be synced in the healthcare organization or surgical facility within less than a month. Operations inefficiencies have a way of proliferating across a health system. Our end-to-end, cloud-based, IoT solution provides the actionable data needed to drive operational change.

“We believe in solving small inefficiencies and issues before they snowball into larger ones. The platform is built with the agenda of helping healthcare organizations make the most of their assets while giving them real-time data”, says Mr. Bogdan Nedelcu, founder and CEO at Intelligent Locations.

Bogdan Nedelcu - The man and team behind the world-class solution

Mr. Nedelcu worked as a senior executive at a prestigious automobile product organization that integrated smartphone functionality in automobiles. Here, he got acquainted with a revolutionary technology that was being used to accurately track, locate and detect vehicles. He immediately identified the opportunity of implementing the same technology in healthcare. Born in Romania and brought up in France, Mr. Nedelcu owns 9 U.S. patents and 2 more are pending approval. As an experienced senior-level tech executive, he has built pioneering products, introduced them in potential new markets and successfully captures profits from those markets. In the past, he has also led start-ups and worked in Fortune 100 corporates. With more than 20 years of experience up his sleeves, he has beautifully managed products in IT, wireless telecommunication, consumer electronics and automotive electronics sectors.

At Intelligent Locations, Mr. Nedelcu combines low energy Bluetooth technology with advanced artificial intelligence and IoT and the result was unconventional.

No need to invest millions in multiple complicated platforms

Healthcare organizations and surgical facilities are on a constant lookout for leading-edge software that will help them make the most of their resources. They usually do it through separate platforms because no platform had it all together in one place. Intelligent Locations is one such platform that puts an end to the search of the perfect technology that enables you to do it all from staff management, patient tracking, asset management and key performance indicators. Then use AI to predict outcome with multi-parameter inputs.

Why invest in this new healthcare platform?

It is cost-effective, of course. But is that all you need? Why pick Intelligent Locations over others? Here’s why. The platform -

  •  - It is way cheaper as it doesn’t use RFID (which is expensive).
  • - It allows you to identify and track under-utilization of equipment, assets and resources.
  • - Optimize inventory and capital invested in all the departments.
  • - It helps you to prevent patient elopement and locating patients from being left unattended.
  • - It also helps in improving the workflow of the operating room by allowing you to track and report patient transportation.
  • - Understand your staffing levels by optimizing and letting you know if you're understaffed or over-staffed.
  • - Increases patient and family satisfaction by letting them know to track their loved one’s health care and recovery journey.
  • - Monitors environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, etc, generates alarms and automatic reporting.
  • - Contact tracing ( a very hot topic introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic) by making usage of one of the patents and existing data collected during normal operations.

The mission at Intelligent Locations

The mission of Intelligent Locations is to provide healthcare facilities and hospitals with avant-garde artificial intelligence and tracking technology solutions to minimize waste and optimize assets, resources and processes though a cost-effective way. They use technological advancements like artificial intelligence along with predictive modelling to provide valuable insights that help in the decision-making process for equipment allocation and future purchase planning. The patient tracking app developed by Intelligent Locations was created with the thought of reducing the stress of the patient and their family by providing them with seamless and efficient communication adding up to a positive hospital experience.