Cover Story, Mehroof Manalody, Chairman & Managing Director (G-TEC Group of Institutions) – BS Inspiring Business Leaders Making Difference in 2020

Revolutionizing Education Sector Across the Face of the Globe – I think this needs to be bigger in size.

Established in the year 2001, G-TEC Group of Institutions is an education network operating in more than 19 countries. The institutions have more than 600 quality learning centers. It has trained over 2 million alumni along with on-board students counting over 1 lakh. G-TEC offers certifications from major IT giants such as Microsoft, Adobe, SAP, Autodesk, IIBI, ACCA, etc. It has popularized quality learning and content among common people.

At the helm of G-TEC Group of Institutions is Mr. Mehroof Manalody – Chairman & Managing Director. Hailing from Calicut, Kerala, Mr. Mehroof is the Immediate Past Chairman CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) for North Kerala, President of The Business Club, Calicut, Past President of Rotary Calicut, Chairman of World Malayali Council, Malabar Province apart from various key roles in all major trade chambers nationally and represents India on various Business delegations.

Driving the Success

A visionary person who has futuristic sight and always tries to do something revolutionary, Mr. Mehroof has motivated many people through his entrepreneurial journey. He states, “The opportunities in education today are tremendous. And more importantly, the opportunities for the people joining forces with us have never been better & more exciting.”

With key values such as persistence, risk-taking attitude, jovial, interpersonal relationship, networking, cool and calm mindset, and marketing, Mr. Mehroof is consistent with his top performance in the industry. He had begun with a mission to transform lives through quality education which will lead to creating a productive workforce. Building a global G-TEC family, he wishes to reach every learner and aspirant across the world and become No. 1 in the education sector.

Mr. Mehroof attributes the success of his company to qualities such authenticity along with variety. Offering programs to all learners with authenticity, he has ensured the company has a genuine and transparent approach towards the aspirants. This leads to the supreme development of trust.

The Journey of a Visionary

Mr. Mehroof did his schooling from a Govt. school and then to Farook College for Under graduation. Then he graduated in Economics from New College, Chennai – University of Madras and did a Diploma in IT at Chennai itself. His interest in outdoor games especially football and badminton endured during his time in college. He also led his football team while pursuing his graduation. He retains resident visa in Dubai and corporate office is in Singapore but he prefers his hometown along with his family whenever it is possible.

Taking a less-traveled path by IT training when it is classified and restricted to the elites, Mr. Mehroof has set an example in the industry. “I had to create a path. At that time, IT was a premium piece and IT Training an elite’s choice. It was tough to break the mindset but we did it with the right heart set and a cool team with me since then. The biggest task was to convince that the ‘BEST is not always costly’,” he asserts.

As he moved along his path, more challenges presented themselves. “First struggle was to take IT to common people. People were reluctantly seeing IT as a far destination. Second was finding qualified trainers, which pushed me to go with International certifications so that we are sure that our trainers are fit to deliver it. Right now, all 4000+ trainers in our network are GCT (G-TEC Certified Trainers). Third was keeping ourselves connected to technology and trends and getting this updated with our network,” states Mr. Mehroof.

Raising Benchmark

By opening a corporate office in Singapore and getting through quality constraints helped G-TEC to sharpen themselves as the company had overcome the biggest challenge. Offering programs at unbelievable and most affordable costs, Mr. Mehroof has raised the benchmark in the education domain.

He has employed a Blue Ocean strategy to stay ahead in the competition all the while setting an example in the sphere. “The business world is for thinkers and since we are into education, there is so much space for people with right heart set. We’ve kept our students/learners first and kept moving towards talent needs time-to-time. Variety, Quality, and Price is the secret of any Business’s success. We brought this into education,” claims Mr. Mehroof.

With an environment of compassion, Mr. Mehroof has formed a family within his company as he values humanity above any rule. He recognizes each center director by their name including the youngest director in his family.

Stellar Recognition & Awards

For its exceptional services, G-TEC has been accoladed with numerous awards and global recognition. Here are few to name:

  1. Best International Centre award from House of Commons (UK) through IAB (International Association of Bookkeepers) consecutively for the last 7 years.
  2. Prestigious Education Brand of India – Economic Times 2019
  3. IT Entrepreneurship Award, Govt. of India
  4. Best Businessman Award by International Promoters Association- Dubai
  5. Big Kerala Awards 2015
  6. Moulana Abdul Kalam Educator Award 2019
  7. Times of India & Economic Times BRAND ICON 2016

Holistic Offering

G-TEC Group of Institutions offers following services for the aspirants as it has programs to fit in anyone’s training needs right from Early Childhood brain skill development for 3 Year up to SAP Consultant training for Senior-most professionals and corporates in all major domains like IT, Multimedia, Accounting, IT Infrastructure, Life Skill, IAS/Civil Service Training, Entrance Coaching through both offline and online modes.

  1. G-TEC is currently the only authorized provider of SAP Learning Hub in entire Asia Pacific and Japan. By bringing in this world-class product and too during this pandemic helped a lot of job seekers or professionals to skill and upskill during this lockdown period. G-TEC gave it a ‘G-TEC’ Touch of 50% discount. That has been its policy always – World’s Best Educational products at World’s Best Price.
  2. G-TEC also provides a bunch of International certifications which helps students learn industry-relevant up-to-date academics which bridges the skill gap which is a global misfortune along with a tangible benchmark of the skills being procured. Most of the Certifications awards a shareable, verifiable badge.
  3. With over 300 IT programs for job seekers and professionals in all major domains including cloud, IoT, Machine Learning, AWS, and even the basics like MS Office. G-TEC says, “Programs of duration 5 days to 2 years and Fee from 500 rupees up to Rs. 4.75 Lakhs.” The company truly works as a supermarket for Training.

An Exemplary Leader

Since there is a push for online education all over the world, Mr. Mehroof has directed his strategic team to expand into this domain which is predicted to touch USD 1.96 Billion in the coming years. The company is moving towards the future with future technologies, future possibilities, and future proof certifications under the leadership of Mr. Mehroof. With its vast network, G-TEC is blending learning and pure online learning to reach new market segments which are limited by proximity, finance, and social distancing.

“G-TEC is creating entrepreneurs and relationships. Being in G-TEC Family they enjoy delivering premium certifications, quality content, marketing support, branding support, trainers training, quality assurance, placement support, and all those components which makes meaning to be called a training center. To build and manage a training organization by oneself, is too risky and at many times tolled on student’s satisfaction and their future,” states Mr. Mehroof.

What is hotcake in G-TEC?

Recently G-TEC have launched their Online education platform named as G-TEC Virtual University (GVU). They have more than 200 internationally reputed programs including SAP Learning Hub which is the first time in India and even University of Dubai participation Certificate for some programs. They are getting good responses from the students and entrepreneurs.

Online education is going to be the future and they are looking for entrepreneurs to be part of this 1.96 billion US Dollars Industry. So those entrepreneurs who are passionate about education can join the force with G-TEC as a Business Partner with a very low investment. For more details they can visit