Darrin Levine (ASDAL) – Business Sight’s Revolutionary CEOs in 2020

“Soon there won’t be online shopping. We’ll just call it “shopping”, says Mr. Darrin Levine at ASDAL.

Though the online retail industry is still an infant, it is growing at an exponential rate. Undeniably, it is the future and the future is just around the corner. This massive transition from offline to online is major because of significant changes in customer buying patterns and needs along with reduced overheads and the ability to use online marketing tools to study, target and optimize customer behavior.

ASDAL was established with the foundation thought of providing streamlined digital infrastructure. Their software allows retail brands to manage their product in marketplaces like amazon.com.

How did it all start?

Mr. Darrin Levine, the founder, and CEO of ASDAL started the journey in 2015. Darrin identified a loophole in the retail industry while working on a project when he was studying business management and data analytics. He understood that there is a huge management gap between online and traditional retail. After comprehending and calculating its potential, Darrin and his team of technologists, data scientists, and retail specialists conducted extensive research and gather insights on the demand is and potential customers.

Their solution - 

GRIT - Glide, Revenue, Insight, and Tenacity - a marketplace enterprise resource tool

GRIT is a powerful system that unites an entire business and takes care of account management, sales tracking, marketing, data and analytics, customer service, logistics, finance, reporting, and more — in one simple view. ASDAL aims to provide the operations teams with all the necessary online infrastructure and data analytics, so they can sell their product on Amazon & Walmart efficiently. GRIT allows retail teams to quickly abate all their tedious workflows and track their day-to-day operations efficiently.

The man behind the solution

Mr. Darrin Levine, the CEO, and founder of ASDAL is a specialist in marketplace management. He is also a specialist in developing multi-channel communication strategies. Before the conception of ASDAL, Mr. Levine worked with another start-up where they focused heavily on the Amazon marketplace. As an Amazon expert, Mr. Levine has successfully managed and launched small and large company accounts, and secured large profits for the company.

“Online retail is the biggest new industry of our young century. And it's just getting started. E-commerce sector contributes over 14% of all retail sales and is growing as we speak. As it grows, it will change how we buy, live and work”, Mr. Levine adds.

Change is inevitable. With tons of services available at our service at just a tap, only one thing is certain - digital expansion. A ‘Brick and Mortar’ may survive in some form, but it is safe to say that maximum purchases, decisions, and relationships will happen digitally. The new marketplace doesn’t play by the old rules. Brands have to contend with resellers for consumers, it’s the Wild West. There is no way around it.

What sets them apart

At ASDAL, the team believes in doing things the right way and at the right time. As their competition rushed to market hyping half-baked solutions, ASDAL held back, testing, reviewing, and improving. That’s what makes them different. They prefer working smart and remaining discreet. According to market research, their competitors unintentionally created a trust gap in the market. However, this provided ASDAL with a competitive advantage. Conversely, they also stand out by choosing to go deeper, adding human touch and a sense of genuine compassion. Their number one selling point is customer service.

The culture at ASDAL

The foundation of the work culture at ASDAL is based upon reliability, efficiency, positivity, and volunteerism. No matter all the efforts, every team is prone to setbacks, changes, and obstacles. At ASDAL, they follow the 70/30 rule. They aim to succeed at least 30% of the time and learn through failure 70% of the time.

Key values

Majorly, gratitude. “To succeed, I have found it is important to remain positive no matter what and appreciate each setback and see it as another chance to learn and grow. Each day a leader will win and lose some battles. It is important to turn setbacks into building blocks”, says Mr. Levine.

Know that the team is everything

It is never easy to build a profitable company unless you have the right people by your side that help your company grow. You keep them happy; they will bring profits for the company.


It is also very important to be aware of the wins that happen and celebrate them. Each team member needs to be recognized for their hard work.

The Road Ahead

ASDAL is a company proud of its journey. They aim to work harder and smarter to provide new and improved world-class and seamless retail solutions in the future as well.