Innovation is key to success

New Horizon is a HR consulting firm based out Of Mumbai. We are having our expertise in designing systems and Processes for entire life cycle of employee from entry to exit level.

This  includes different Modules like preparing organisation structure most suited to Industry and culture of the Company. Recruitment & Selection Process, HR Policies, Salary & compensation structure along with Benefits. Performance Management System, Employee contracts & Documentation, Reward & Recognition Plan and finally Exit Process.

We are in The Top 10 HR company In India which always keeps us on Toes for continuous improvement, changes mainly because of Innovation. Our each module whether Recruitment, Policies or Performance linked with Yearly appraisal has lot of new creation.

It is easy to find out Functional knowledge of a candidate through written test or  practical test ,The challenge is to find out personal characteristic and skill set of candidate requited as per position.

The founder of New Horizon -  Falguuni  Sheth is certified Graphologist and Numerologist. With help of this knowledge we have made our client Recruitment & selection Process so full proof that the disappointment of hiring a wrong person is by en large not there. We read handwriting of candidate, study signature of candidate and also can find out characteristic from birth date.

Very basic question of client whether the person will be Team player or Individual contributor, will he be opportunist or honest , will s/he be able to prove in sales or good for Operations, Will S/he be having People skill or introvert – all this can be identified through graphology.

We say a wrong hire can be more expensive than NO Hire. This study comes as blessings while finalising the candidate and have long term talented resource/asset.

Team’s performance linking with yearly increment is another challenge faced by Entrepreneurs and companies. We understand each role in detail. Prepare Job description & Key Result area accordingly and make a very simple yet effective Review Mechanism , feedback session and innovate way of rewarding staff with many options with fixed rise, variable, incentive, one time , in Kind etc as innovative Retention strategy  where by we have win win situation for Staff and company both.Team shows consistency in Performance and our client do not have baggage of any weak performer is what we aim for.

Employee Engagement Activities are generally Picnic, movie or some fun at Work. We at New Horizon makes Event Calendar covering all areas of life like Physical , Financial, Fun & Entertainment ,Spiritual And Social.

The activities which we do to keep workforce engage is sports, awareness session for health and finance, Yoga or Meditation session , and also some CSR towards Society. We also encourage and help our client to hire at least one specially abled person by which the entire family can be rehabilited.We conduct changing handwriting and signature classes  where by employee can overcome few challenges.

Finally to conclude we being Human Resource expert always try to do something which touches  every individual life .