Karun Kaura (Kaya Blenders & Distillers) – BS Inspiring Business Leaders Making Difference in 2020

The Movers & Shakers of the Liquor Industry

Since the dawn of humanity, humans have been indulged in some sort of thing which later translated into liquor. With the discovery of spirit, human beings across all race, civilization, and geography relished the joy of moments it brought. From peasants to nobles to royals, all have a history with spirits and as the clock ticked away, new inventions and discoveries fanned the flames and today, humans have unlocked a wide category of spirits. From casual hangouts to massive parties, spirits have become a way of living. With categories came unique blends of flavors and today, there are several recipes to satisfy every taste bud. Numerous players have entered the niche to produce unique flavors and blends and among the game-changers is Kaya Blenders and Distillers, popularly known as Kaya Spirits.

Kaya Blenders & Distillers Limited is an FSSAI Certified company and has its manufacturing unit at Ludhiana, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra. A well-renowned liquor company, Kaya Spirits have been imbuing taste on Indian, foreign tongues from 2016. Kaya works expeditiously to blend spirits without a compromise. Life is full of moments, big and small, planned, spontaneous, and those moments need something worthy of occasions – so to unleash the most profound secrecy with hands, Kaya Spirits saw the light of the day.

Astounding Journey of Spirits

Incorporated in the year 2016 by Mr. Karun Kaura, Kaya Spirits began its journey as a proprietor firm. After some operations, the company evolved into Kaya Blender and Distillers Limited. With its head office located in Patiala, Punjab and corporate office in Delhi. Kaya Spirits have its footprint in almost every state of the country. Under his leadership, the company also has a global footprint in countries such as the UAE, USA Thailand, Oman, Kenya, Mozambique, South Sudan, South Africa, etc. Today, the world enjoys drinking it produces on social occasions, in business meetings, on dates, for personal pleasure, to relax and unwind. Kaya Spirits is devoted to producing the best quality alcohol perfectly suited for each of these situations. Mr. Karun Kaura has ensured a superb selection of both international and local brands which directly is a result of the hard work and expertise of connoisseurs in the industry.

Kaya’s secret of success lies in producing as it produces a variable variety of blends, unique in the savor of premium quality by using the finest malts to nurture pestering thoughts of the hangover. For those who choose an unrivaled value with an impeccable blend, Kaya Spirits is the ideal preference. “The only thing that keeps Kaya Spirits distinct is its unparalleled taste and composition of liquor, which wins the hearts and trusts of the connoisseurs. This hidden gem of the Indian liquor market is now a potential stocking and distribution network with presence in India and abroad,” asserts Mr. Karun Kaura.

Key Personality Driving the Success

The CMD of Kaya Blenders and Distillers Limited – Mr. Karun Kaura – is a legendary business prodigy known for his genius business strategies, planning, and foresightedness. He leads the company from the forefront with his knowledge and acumen and that the strategies employed by him never fails. “From wine connoisseurs to spirit lovers, Kaya Spirits is now a famous worldwide favorite all geared up to storm into the international spirit market that will skyrocket the annual income and revenues,” states Mr. Karun Kaura.

Mr. Karun Kaura has a sound understanding of the customers and their needs. Develops strategies that could address the needs of the customers. As the company is a specialist in packaging, he ensures innovation in packaging while meeting the demands.

A Spirit for Every Moment

Kaya Spirits have spirits for every occasion under its portfolio. However, the Flagship Brand OLD PROFESSOR WHISKEY which has been accepted and acclaimed by more than five countries globally and been sold in PAN INDIA markets, remains the preferred choice of consumers. Currently, the company offers 12 brands to consumer to choose from:

  1. Whiskey - Royal Patialvi Whisky, Old Professor Whisky, Old Professor Gold Reserve Whisky, Marlin Blue Whisky, Minister's Reserve Whisky
  2. Rum - Soldiers Pride XXX Classic Rum, Jackies Crown XXX Rum, Red Hunter Rum
  3. Brandy - Marie Louise Brandy, Habsburg's Brandy
  4. Vodka - Blue Whale Vodka
  5. GIN - Sirena GIN

Future Outlook

The company has its manufacturing unit with all Modern Infrastructure situated in Ludhiana, Punjab with a capacity of 3,00,000 cases Per month and all facilities for blending, bottling, and maturing spirits. The company is looking forward to expand their footprints globally and looking forward to expand in more countries like Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Benin, South Korea, Singapore, and Thailand.

For More Details : http://kayaspirits.com/