Kenneth Kee (Origin Integrated Studios) – Business Sight’s Revolutionary CEOs in 2020

Proffering Innovative Digitized Solutions to Healthcare

Technology is bringing disruption in almost every sector of the industries and healthcare is no exception to these changes. Technology is slowly revolutionizing healthcare to make it more efficient and less time-consuming. With novel technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR), etc., the processes are getting streamlined to increase the productivity of the healthcare niche. These technologies enable machines to sense, understand, act and simultaneously learn so as to handle the administrative and various healthcare functions. The latest adoptions in the healthcare sphere are MHealth and wearables which keep constant monitoring of patients and update all the data to gain insights and thereby, help patients in getting streamlined solutions to address their numerous health issues. Origin Integrated Studios is one of the solution providers that develop innovative and unique software solutions for the healthcare industry.

Origin Integrated Studios is a fast-growing Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Malaysia Status software development and solutions company set up in the past five years. It began with a mission to make an impact by becoming a household brand in the healthcare industry and focusing on the long term and trusting relationship with its customers, the main ingredient of successful project implementations and longevity. The company specializes in Healthcare solutions and it is building outstanding awards winning ICT companies in the Southeast Asia Pacific region. Origin Integrated Studios develops innovative and creative software solutions that focus on enterprise systems for the healthcare sector.

The Man Driving Unprecedented Success

Incorporated by Mr. Kenneth Kee – CEO & Co-founder of Origin Integrated Studios, the company began with a simple request from a local healthcare provider and Mr Kenneth with his team developed a state-of-the-art EMR solution. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the company today proffers comprehensive solutions to healthcare organizations around the globe.

The Malaysian government has lent its support to the company by enabling medical tourism in Malaysia and Mr. Kee has been promoting one-of-kinds EMR solutions as healthcare organizations around the world are always looking for innovative and creative solutions to keep themselves ahead in the game. Many healthcare solutions providers have failed to deliver but under the leadership of Mr. Kee, Origin Integrated Studios has ensured the users do not encounter any obstacle in the transition stage and hence, made a difference in the world.

“We here at Origin cultivate a culture of guiding and helping our customers in their transition from a traditional hospital to a digital hospital of the future. Our goal is to achieve a target of over 95 percent of converting traditional paper to digital form-based information capturing in all our projects,” asserts Mr. Kee.

Stellar Recognition

With Mr. Kee leading from the forefront, Origin Integrated Studios has bagged numerous awards and recognition. Among these awards are:

  • - Golden Bull Award 2019 - Emerging SME (The 13th Malaysia Outstanding Business Award)
  • - Superbrands 2019 Malaysia's Choice
  • - Golden Eagle Award 2019 - Emerging Eagle (Malaysia 100 Excellent Enterprises)
  • - PIKOM MSC Malaysia Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA) 2019 Awards - Merit (Business Services: Professional Services Solutions)
  • - SME100 Awards 2019 - Malaysia's Fast-Moving Companies
  • - Enterprise 50 Award 2019 - Ranked 38th
  • - Platinum Business Awards 2019 - SME Green Technology Award
  • - Platinum Business Awards 2019 - SME Rising Star Award
  • - Asia Honesty Product Award 2019
  • - Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ 2019 Asia Pacific (APAC) Winner - Ranked 292
  • - Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA) 2019 - Best Innovation Silver Award (up to RM25 million)
  • - The Brand Laureate SMEs Best Brands of The Decade Award for Innovation - Healthcare Software Solutions 2020

New Horizons

Mr. Kee embarked on his entrepreneurial journey by implementing an EMR solution in just one hospital back in 2015. After that, his company implemented it in more than 30 hospitals/clinics in just five years. Under his leadership Origin Integrated Studios in on its way to becoming the household brand of healthcare technology solution provider for hospital information systems in Malaysia and beyond.

In the next five to ten years, Mr. Kee intends to push forward to establish Origin Integrated Studios as one of the leading healthcare technology solution providers in Southeast Asia, and focus on group hospitals and group clinics as clients. “We will exploit the latest hardware, IoT, RFID and wireless technologies available in the market today including R&D to incorporate AI and data warehousing for a group of hospitals. This redefined environment promotes paper-free operations and streamlined clinical workflow, as well as allows instant storage, retrieval and analysis of patient medical information across multiple hospital sites be it inpatient and outpatient facilities within the group from the point-of-care,” states Mr. Kee.