Prakash Dantuluri (Bulbul Apps) – BS 2020’s Most Innovative Entrepreneur To Watch In India

Enabling Teachers & Children to Flex their Imagination Muscle

With the advent of the digital era, teachers and students alike are leveraging the usage of online tools. The most popular choice remains the apps since they are easy to understand and use. As the apps are transforming the education domain, Bulbul Apps has enabled its users to create creative content for preschoolers.

At the helm of the company is Mr. Prakash Dantuluri – CEO & Founder of Bulbul Apps. Under his leadership, the company has grown multifold in recent years since its inception in 2015. The blend of his passion and technology has resulted in a platform that helps preschools create interactive stories and engaging activities for their students.

Mr. Prakash enjoys great empathy with the children and hence, it is the prime mover for him. He believes that at the end of the day, the app is all about a child who is exploring and learning.

A Journey of Visionary

It had been almost a decade since Mr. Prakash dabbled with the idea of creating a framework for people to create content for smartphones. There was also a dearth and as he believes, there still is, of original and native content for children on smartphones. With an idea and vacuum in the niche, he developed a platform that would address all the pain points.

Mr. Prakash started with a storytelling platform and from there, he encompassed the education sector. Initiating with a technology platform to help teachers and artists to generate content for children, he also thought to focus on creating creative tools for children to express themselves.

Though, the journey threw numerous challenges at him at every turn, he managed to overcome all of them.

“Putting multiple pieces in place was a painful task. First, we had to design from the ground up a distributed system for artists and teachers to communicate with each other. Making people understand the power of the platform and convincing them to be on board was painful. Then we succeeded beyond our expectations with our library app,” asserts Mr. Prakash.

“But converting that into a business model that yields sustainable revenue was another gigantic task. Now we are looking at scaling the model. I am sure there will many more challenges ahead,” he adds further.

Dynamic Persona

An engineer by education, Mr. Prakash had begun his career with computer programming. With more than two decades of professional experience in technology and a decade long experience in mobile, interactive digital content, he is setting an example in the niche. As an enterprise architect working for several MNCs in the USA, he safeguarded his passion to explore different mediums for storytelling. An imaginative persona, he loves developing and making stuff: a key factor in his life for being excited on the first day of the week.

“Being a filmmaker, an enterprise architect, and a CEO of a Technology Startup gives me a unique capability to work with both the creative and technology teams and understand their needs. That way, my biggest strength is my ability to connect the dots from both the domains,” states Mr. Prakash.

Ascertaining his success to some core values such as persistence, empathy, purpose, etc., Mr. Prakash always believed in his ability to think differently. He strongly feels that along with a passion for success, a startup should also have a purpose for its existence.

Astounding Leadership

With a strong footprint, Mr. Prakash is now keen on expanding across the globe, especially in the USA. “I think given the shoestring budget we had, we did a phenomenal job of developing technologies, finding marquee customers, developing content, and delivering for them,” he proclaims.

He is planning to demonstrate the benefits of Bulbul Apps which can be delivered to an educational institution, parents, and children within the next few months. With a strong portfolio, Mr. Prakash is propelling in his company to new heights. He is also going to integrate an ability to infer the data based on the content’s engagement and consumption by the end of this year. The integration will transform the company into a data-driven company from a content-driven one.

“My leadership is all about being hands-on. Sometimes I micromanage and sometimes I simply trust my team member and move on. I will continue to do that,” asserts Mr. Prakash.

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