Vaibhav Satpute (TULS Corp) – BS 2020’s Most Innovative Entrepreneur To Watch In India

Proffering Unique & Innovative Approaches in Construction & Power Sector

Globalization has introduced new technologies in every sector. Similarly, today the construction domain is also implementing new techniques to build magnificent spaces by using the latest technology. Along with construction, the power sector is witnessing a growth as the world is leaning towards more sustainable energy resources as well as the construction space of these power sectors. Hence, the businesses around require unique and innovative approaches towards these spaces and TULS Corp is among those companies that proffer tailored services to meet the demands of every client.

TULS Corp is a Project Management and Advisory Services company, based in Mumbai (Western India). TULS Corp Pvt. Ltd. (Erstwhile TULS Management) provides a range of high quality, cost-effective project management, cost management and advisory services in India. The company operates in the Construction space and Power sector. TULS Corp within 9 years has provided services to more than 100 Clientele and takes pride to mention that out of them, 35 are repeat customers.

Stalwart Entrepreneur

Mr. Vaibhav Satpute – Director & CEO of TULS Corp incorporated the company in the year 2010 in Mumbai with a noble goal to provide employment opportunities to the needy people coming from rural areas. Mr. Vaibhav is a passionate entrepreneur who loves what he does and keeps pushing himself to be excellent in his craft. “My biggest strength is professional and personal rapport with our clients, employees, and vendors. I am a prudent risk-taker, like to delegate and decisive person. I believe relationship management, prudent risk-taking ability, delegation, and decisiveness are my biggest strengths now,” claims Mr. Vaibhav.

He has more than three decades of professional experience in the sector. Mr. Vaibhav is a Civil Engineer and has completed his post-graduation in Project Appraisal and Management from Maastricht, The Netherlands. He has spent most of his professional career in the energy and Construction sector – first as Engineer with Reliance, later with EMCO and thereafter as CEO of TULS Corp. He is a member of PMA, MIE, and a member of the Association of Consulting Civil Engineers. Vaibhav is the mentor of CII -BYST, Pune Chapter. Since 2010, he is consistently adding value to his company and transforming it into a leading project management and advisory firm.

“I have spent more than two decades of my professional career in a corporate set up. It was really difficult to leave a decent salaried job and begin a startup. Apart from low resources, you have to have solid patience and self-motivator to push through everyday challenges. You need to change your habits and focus on your long-term goals,” states Mr. Vaibhav. By sticking to important values such as transparency and being customer-centric, he has led the company to become a trustworthy firm for over 9 years. By deploying young engineers, maximum use of IT technologies, SAAS based services, mobile apps, keeping an excellent rapport with the clients and other stakeholders, Mr. Vaibhav has crafted a unique strategic approach to execute projects. These strategies have enabled the company to be cost-efficient, work speedily, proper coordination, streamlined project delivery, accurate documentation and overall profitability of every assignment.

“After gaining experience, we started providing services to large corporates, international companies, and Government agencies. The sectors we targeted initially were Built environment and Energy space (especially Renewable Energy). Recently, we entered into Rail sector consulting. Another motivation to start TULS was to create employment opportunities. I believe the younger generation has a lot of passion and energy to take up challenges. We have already started identifying future leaders and groom them to take up challenges to lead each vertical of our company.”

Exemplary Leader

“I believe my leadership role is to mentor young professionals, who are more capable, passionate, ethical and fast learners. I want to groom these youngsters such that they are capable to lead and take up growing challenges, effectively,” states Mr. Vaibhav.

“I am always passionate about grooming young professionals and due to this, I have been nominated Industry Advisory Board (IAB) of O. P. Jindal University. During one of such IAB event, I had to deliver a keynote speech to all young students and professionals at OPJU Auditorium. My speech was on ‘Industry ready Talent and your role model’, it was ecstatic to see all young students and OPJU faculties providing standing ovation at the end of my speech. This was one of the most memorable incidents for me.”

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