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Technology for Clients

Biotechnology plays a vital role in today’s technology-dominated world. This field of science is responsible for developing technologies that rely on living things, medicine and other crucial aspects of the living. Biotechnology encompasses sciences like genetic, microbiology, animal cell structure, molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, etc., to modify living organisms according to human requirements and demands. This sphere may involve other sciences such as chemical engineering, bio robotics, bioprocess engineering, etc., to develop novel ways of modifying sciences. Since the field is seeing accelerated progress, it is widely used in fields like medicine, drug, agriculture, etc., to raise the bar and improve current technologies. The pharmaceutical industry is being driven by biotechnology as the world is getting exposed to new viruses and bacteria. One such fine institution is Dyna Biotech that is leading the biotechnology niche to unlock new potentials.

Dyna Biotech is operational for over 7 years at the forefront of manufacturing, validation, installation, and services for a wide range of Biotechnology and Biopharma equipment. The company was established to bring a paradigm shift in the Biotechnology and Biopharma industries in India and abroad through the adoption of innovative technologies and exceptional customer service. It began with a goal to provide predictive and personalized systems, and soon the company filled the niche in the highly specialized automated fermenter, bioreactor manufacturing and has emerged as a leading brand in the market. With its vision to become the world’s leading Biotech equipment and manufacturing company, the company is pushing the boundaries of innovation and developing unique ways to proffer its services and products.

Astounding Genesis

Dyna Biotech was incorporated in the year 2013 by Dr. Vinodkumar Patil – Founder and Board of Director. The company is into the design, production, installation, commissioning, automation, integration, and validation of fermentors, bioreactors, and peripheral systems in India and abroad. Dyna Biotech builds customized systems to address the clients’ unique and specific needs. Dyna biotech is a new dimension for Healthcare, Biotech, Agro-biotech, Food Processing Industry sectors by establishing the best products range in the form of equipment like fermenters, bioreactors and special utility equipment for respective industries.

Mr. Patil embarked on his career in 1993 after completion of his Master’s degree in Microbiology from the Government Institute of Science, Aurangabad. He had more than two and half decades of experience from cleanroom design, equipment design, manufacturing, validation and setting up processes for microbial and cell culture products. This wide and diverse field gives him expertise in the sphere. In the past, Mr. Patil has held senior positions with increasing responsibility at Lupin, B. Braun Biotech (Germany), Sartorius, Shantha Biotech (Sanofigroup company) and Serum Institute. He is an expert in antibiotics production, steroid biotransformation, cell culture, vaccine process development, production, scale-up, optimization, validation, and product launch. He also has, to his credit the experience of working under Regulatory guidelines like FDA, EMEA, cGMP, and WHO and is well versed with it.

“Dyna Biotech has a niche market. We predict and identify customer pain points and solve them in advance, we are improving and providing the best services at every level of customer handling. We supply and manufacture customized and standard goods as per the customer needs of clients. We supply flawless equipment with nearly no service cost, affordability, and on-time delivery is again the agenda behind the success of Dyna Biotech. After-sales services and customer relationship building is the ultimate satisfaction for the organization,” asserts Mr. Patil.

An Edge over Competitors

By offering products that have certification with ISO 9001: 2015 and having them inspected under TUV NORD, the company stays ahead of the competitors. Not only does it offer certified products but also deliver them on time which is best in the class and cost-effective. The company provides after-sales services as per requirements. “Our equipment is ASME approved and installed in the facilities where stringent guidelines like WHO, US-FDA are applicable,” states Mr. Patil.

Dyna Biotech exclusively focuses on the clients serving in biopharmaceuticals, dairy industry, food and beverages, vaccine manufacturing, therapeutics protein, antibiotics, cell culture products, probiotics, etc.

Future Prospect

The biotech pharmaceutical market is growing at an exponential rate. By employing Research & Development, Dyna Biotech is manufacturing for future developments as Mr. Patil believes that R&D provides the finest quality, long working life, low maintenance, and it cuts down each and every possible malfunction and error during the manufacturing of the product.

Dyna Biotech keeps an eye on the new market trends, market needs and technologies to quickly adopt changing requirements and sustain its market.


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