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A Forerunner in the Card Operations

In the 1990s, the banking institutions did not offer card payments for the citizens as one of its products in the financial market. Under such extreme circumstances of uncertain external conditions like war conflicts, not established domestic currency, and devaluation it was crucial to establish a card payment system. Here, Diners Club Macedonia emerged with a mission to help diners transform from a small company into one of the renewed large companies. The partnership has created its relations of togetherness, individual care, and constant upgrading of services.

The present culture of cash payments directed to the growth of the company. It meant the creation of a ‘family’ based on trust and determination to keep up with world trends. To express Diners Club Macedonia’s safety and care for its clients, even in times of the COVID-19 crisis, it deferred payments of its clients. The firm believes that its clients are in fact partners and hence, this hardship will be overcome by showing mutual respect and care in such an extraordinary and frustrating virus experience.

Diners Club R. North Macedonia began its operations two and a half-decade ago with the launch of the first credit card. Today, the Diners Club ‘family’ consists of 15,000 members, and the numbers are only growing with timely services.

“Macedonia is a small market; however, it incorporates all financial brands. There is a high level of competition, but we are dedicated to securing brand exclusivity - a card distinguished from the others, one that makes you privileged, unique, and different,” states Mr. Jankovski.

Driving Unparalleled Success

Mr. Bozhidar Jankovski – CEO of Diners Club Macedonia, is at the helm of the company from two decades and leading the organization with dynamic leadership. He has a Master of Science in the field of Finance and Financial Law. Having long stints and working with a great range of professional practices across different fields, he has a wide range of skills and mindset to lead a company.

While garnering experience in managing many aspects of demanding jobs, Mr. Jankovski has a high level of focus as well as developing clear business and employee expectations. He does it by manifesting high standards and working practices along with an understanding of financial management through developed business awareness.

Because of his vast experience, business awareness, and leadership style, Diners Club Macedonia enjoys a solid position in the niche.

“Every type of work, without exception, demands a lot of effort and dedication. Our primary task is to follow the global trends, continuous enhancement of services, and keep up with the needs of our members. And if you put the effort, in addition to the long-lasting experience and dedicated team, you do not need to think of the reputation, the work you do will bring you the positive outcome,” asserts Mr. Jankovski.

A Card for Everyone

Diners Club Macedonia offered the first credit card in the country in 1996. Since then, the Diners Club card network has reached more than 8 million outlets abroad and more than 3,000 outlets in Macedonia. The card has enabled customers to shop in installments, to pay monthly bills like mobile phone, heating, etc., to purchase insurance policies, to withdraw cash in case of emergency.

The easily recognizable label of Diners Club International can be seen at the entrance to all the hotels, restaurants, leading travel agencies, pharmacies, private clinics and offices, boutiques, children's shops, bookstores, jewelry shops, department stores, and many other outlets that offer quality products services.

There is almost no product or service that customers cannot purchase on their Diners Club credit card. It is all thanks to the excellent point of sale network that expands day by day because Diners Club is a card for everyone.

“The card offers advantages, discounts, and payment in installments, which improve quality of life and provides for greater availability of the basic needs of our members, up to things which make a luxurious living. Every day, we are working on increasing the number of points of sale, as well as on the advantages enjoyed by our members. We wanted to make Diners the card to increase the family budget and the card available to a great number of citizens. And we made it. We will not stop there; every year is a new challenge,” proclaims Mr. Jankovski.

A Socially Responsible Company

Diners Club believes that one cannot be good at what one does without being responsible for the environment and where one lives. Hence, everyone depends on the big picture and the opportunities offered by society, which indirectly depends upon one’s action.

With a daily goal to create a better world for everyone as well as drive social changes and wellbeing, the company uplifts society by understanding its role in the community. Diners Club encourages others to do the same.

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